Choosing A Portable Dog Kennel for Your Dog

Posted by Diana Mead on August 24th, 2017

Dog kennels often provide the much-needed den environment to your beloved pet and give them a small place to relax and unwind. Especially if your pet is left alone at home, he might get bored or anxious and start chewing on furniture or creating problems around your house. In such cases, a kennel offers a safe and secure place that prevents negative behavior and also keeps your dog away from any harm. If you like to take your dog around a lot, opting for a portable kennel is a great option as it can be carried everywhere you go! We bring you the key factors to consider while choosing the perfect kennel for your pooch:

1. Picking the Right Size
Choosing a portable kennel that’s the ideal size for your dog is one of the most important considerations during your purchase. You need a kennel that isn’t too cramped or crowded, but lets your dog get comfortable once he/she is used to it. Normally, a smaller size and tighter quarters will be safe and convenient for travel purposes. Choose a kennel that gives your dog enough space to stand up, lie down and turn around without much difficulty. Normally, the crate must be around 4 inches taller and longer than your dog. Also, if you’re starting with a puppy, consider buying a crate that will accommodate a full grown dog as well so that you don’t have to reinvest in the crate.

2. Finding the Ideal Material
Plastic and wire portable kennels are the most viable options for pet parents. Normally, metal wire kennels are also collapsible, making it easier to store them and move them around. However, this will be your furry friend’s home and sleeping place so you won’t be packing it up when you’re traveling. Choose a crate that’s sturdy and assures premium quality. Another benefit of wired crates is its superior ventilation compared to other materials. Plastic crates ensure a higher level of security and safety during travel, but you must choose one that also allows ample of ventilation for your pooch. Choose a crate that has enough holes on all sides except the bottom. If you’re planning on taking your dog on a flight, you will need to invest in a quality plastic portable crate that is rated for air travel.

3. What to Avoid
When looking for a portable dog kennel, don’t opt for cheap quality or flimsy collapsible cages as they will directly impact the safety of your beloved pet. Also, wicker crates, fabric siding in crates and mesh crates can be bad choices for dogs in transit. Rather than opting for the most affordable crate, or choosing one that’s too fancy and enhances your dog’s personality, consider the ventilation, size, utility, safety and comfort as a priority. Your dog might also end up chewing some of the materials so make sure it is strong and sturdy.

4. Making it Homely
Once you get the size and material right, the next step is to make it a comfortable and cozy home for your little pet. You can add a soft blanket and a cushion inside so that your pooch can de-stress and unwind in peace. Also, it is advised to add a chew toy inside the crate, but make sure it won’t hurt your dog during transit. Before you buy the kennel, inspect it thoroughly to see that there are no sharp edges or poking plastic bits or wires that might cause any potential injuries. When using your crate for the first time during travel, you can also add a t-shirt with your scent inside the crate to make it more relaxing for your pooch.

Hope this guide helps you to find the ideal portable kennel for your loving pet!

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