Equity Loans: An Introduction

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Anyone who wishes to apply for an equity loan should learn as much as they can about the many different loans available to find one that suits their needs the best. Note that some equity loans have annual fees, closing costs and require application while others do not. There are also a number of lenders who provide 100% tax deductible loans, hence offering additional savings to the borrower.

One of the types of loans available is called fixed-rate loans. The advantage of this type of loan is that it allows the borrower to transfer the variable rate principal into a fixed rate alternative. Despite this being so, the lender may stipulate the amount available for conversion and may even fix boundaries to the loan options.
Home equity loans may not indicate that there are closing costs payable, but if one reads the fine print, one will notice that the borrower is liable to pay closing cost on a fixed amount.

One instance where closing costs may be applicable is when the borrower applies for less than the amount agreed by the lender. There are also a few other loans that may require the borrower to pay the cost of appraisal. It is necessary to read the terms and conditions when one applies for a loan, as many lenders don't advertise certain clauses regarding exclusions and restrictions, etc.

By reading the fine print one is likely to pick up many vital details that the lender may choose not to divulge.

Equity loans are called as such because the borrower uses his house as collateral. Because of this fact home equity offers better interest and repayment rates and hence save money.

Failure to read the fine print may cause you to sign for a loan that gets you further into debt, as equity loans seek to roll the high rates of interest from credit cards into lower repayments. Not following the terms as set out in the fine print may result in you having to pay excessive fees you cannot afford.

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