Braun watches in the field of electrical and electronic products to establish a

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Germany Braun Braun company mainly for: electric shavers, hairdressing products, steam iron and other small household appliances. While the watch. Germany Braun Braun pursued a new goal. Its features are simple and balanced lines combined to create a simple fashion style.
Braun Braun watch how much money, Braun watch good
How about Braun Braun watches?
Germany Braun’s vision extends to become a unique Braun Design German Braun design philosophy: innovation, quality, practical, beautiful, simple, detail, classic, environmental protection. Braun’s design work some until now looks or unconventional, those classic design will continue to affect us and withstand the test of time.
Braun Braun watches how much money
Braun watches in the field of electrical and electronic products to establish a top reputation, its products also combines unparalleled functionality and technology. Its price from 1300 – 7000 range.
CCWATCH small secret smart watch table for the black, dial for the square Cartier love ring replica , in terms of appearance is no innovation, and ordinary smart watches similar, but small secret dial glass with anti-oil fingerprint coating, dial glass and metal frame fit Tight, and both remain in the same plane, there is no bulging phenomenon, and the metal frame has a similar ipone5s border polished chamfer, feel better.
Small secret battery can be disassembled, the battery capacity of 350mAh, can be sustained standby 120 hours, 48 hours of network status. This innovation is still very smart in the smart watch. Not only that, the small secret can also insert the SIM card, you can SMS, call, Bluetooth and other functions, you can also view the movement information, the operation is also very convenient, just press the button on the right side of the watch can appear operation interface.
Little secret is not only a watch, more like a wristband phone, that is easy to carry, and practical. How can we not let everyone heart it?
CECT W200 is a full personality watch mobile phone. Using a watch-like appearance, than all other mobile phones should be more portable. It uses only 1.3-inch TFT display, but the 128 × 160 resolution and 65536 color display or prove that this is a mobile phone, and this small screen also supports SMS handwriting input.
CECT W200 watch mobile phone introduction
In appearance, this W200 uses a dark brown design, and YAMI generation compared to angular shape compared to the phone more use of the streamlined design, looks no longer tough, but more fashion. W200 watch mobile phone generally uses a symmetrical design, whether it is button or decoration, the overall layout gives a feeling of quite clear, not because the phone is small and make the distribution of keys chaotic, the user can rest assured. W200 measurements are 59 × 44 × 16 mm, while the weight is only 30 grams, wearing a hand quite light.
W200 watch mobile phone dial with a brown hard plastic texture, and made anti-wear Cartier love bracelet replica treatment, so most of the mobile phone will encounter the problem of paint has been a very good solution. The phone’s screen and handset / microphone part of the silver metal paint processing, to feel the original law-abiding phone panel to add some stylish metal atmosphere, so that the panel is not monotonous. The 6 shortcuts on the side are rounded.
CECT W200 strap with soft plastic texture, wearing a very good feeling in the hand, not because of the strap hardness and Ge to the wrist. There are eight round holes on the strap, strap stretch performance is quite good, most people can easily wear this watch. As the W200 and its previous generation W100 the same, still using MTK platform plus touch screen design, so this phone in the next table near the dial position to hide a stylus.
The side of the six shortcut keys perform their duties, quite convenient. The left side from top to bottom is the phone’s left soft key, alarm clock shortcuts and music player shortcuts, which alarm and music keys into the music player can be used as music forward and backward keys to use. The right side of the three keys from bottom to top for the right soft key, the phone key and power saving mode shortcut keys. Because of the small size of this phone, the battery capacity naturally can not be large, so the power mode is still very necessary to open. And the entire mobile phone only one data interface exposed to the side of the phone, W200 power cord and headset line from the mouth to access the phone.
CECT W200 battery and generation, are hidden in the back of the phone, and the phone’s back cover to do the pattern of Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica processing, played a very good help, making the back cover is easy to be taken down. Open the W200’s back cover, a block of the battery will be the phone’s SIM card slot and memory card slot was tightly. This phone supports GSM dual-band network (GSM 900 / 1800MHz).
And a generation of YAMI compared to this phone to cancel the original camera design, this is a little regret. The phone provides two 400 mAh battery, the normal use of the words can generally adhere to a day or so, if the song only one day of use time, but taking into account the size of this watch mobile phone, so 400 mAh battery Still understandable. But the phone box does not provide cradle, charging the two batteries caused some trouble.
Although the size of the CECTW200 is small, but its internal function is very comprehensive. Since it is a watch phone, then the watch dial naturally became the W200 screen saver interface, W200 provides users with a digital clock and 5 analog clock display, and mobile phone 65,000 color screen can be very Good restore, so that users can change every day with a different dial to meet their own needs. 

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