A Gamut Of Secured Loans

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Secured loans are the loan that is offered against a security. Security could be a home, other real estate, automobile, saving accounts or some other valuable objects. This security covers the risk factor that is attached to the loan amount. Lenders keep this security with them unless borrowers repay the loan amount.

With secured loans, one can borrow the amount ranging from ₤5,000-₤75000 along with a flexible repayment period, varied from 5-25 years. The main advantage of secured loans is its relatively low rate of interest. And for this reason, more and more people nowadays are applying for secured loans.

There are different sorts of secured loans according to their usage. But among them, some popular loans are as follows:

?Secured Debt-consolidation loans: It is especially for them who are facing debt difficulties. With these loans, they can combine all their debts into a single manageable debt that would be more convenient for them to repay. Besides, dealing with a single creditor, instead of various creditors is also an added benefit with these loans.

?Bad credit secured loans: It is true that bad credit history hinders one to avail any loan. To improve your credit score and come out of bad credit history, bad credit secured loans are the perfect choice for you.

?Secured Wedding Loans: For a wondering wedding, secured wedding loans are the best alternative that you can opt for. These loans cover all expanses related to wedding, such as, buying ring, dress, decoration, reception and so on.

?Secured holiday loans: Holidaying is mandatory to move out from mundane monotony. And loans are available to finance for a holiday. Secured holiday loans are used for funding in various travel related purposes, like- ticket booking, hotel bills, meals and other miscellaneous expenses.

?Secured business loans: These loans are mainly given for business purposes. It could be setting up a new business, business expansion, funding for various business related requirements, like purchasing materials, paying tax and many more.

?Secured Car loans: Car is no more a luxury. Nowadays, it has become a necessity. Secured car loans are specially meant for those people, who want to avail car loans that suit their needs.

Besides these loans, there are some other kinds of secured loans. Such as, secured home improvement loans, secured unemployment loans etc. However, the criteria to avail all secured loans remain same. Though, the rate of interest may vary according to loan amount, duration and worth of collateral.

You can get secured loans against your property. So, needless to say, borrow the amount that is convenient for you to pay-off. In case of failing to repay the loan amount, you will lose your possession on the property that you have used as collateral.

Recently, secured loans have become famous among borrowers. These loans are cost-effective rather than other loans, as secured loans are served at low interest rate. Thus, when it comes to loans, then secured loans are the best option that you can opt for.

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