How Is Gambling Addiction Different From Other Addiction?

Posted by Dr Deepak Raheja on August 25th, 2017

Addiction itself has a negative connotation, irrespective of what type it is. It refers to something that a person cannot stop doing. The different types of addiction are - Substance Addiction, Impulse/Emotional Addiction and Behavioural Addiction.

Gambling addiction falls under impulsive or emotional addiction. An individual suffering from this type of addiction becomes dependant on the game. The worst part about this addiction is that the victim usually overlaps into it. Let’s know more about gambling addiction.

The gambling addiction is triggered at emotional level, whereas other addictions are more like craving for chemical. In many people, gambling incites excitement and thrill; this is what keeps them hooked. Casinos all across the globe spend millions of dollars every year in order to understand the habits of different gamblers. Like every addiction, this too involved money. But the worst part is that here the amount of money is way too much as compared to other addiction. People feel a different kind of high when they win money and they end up putting in more money to gamble more.

The slot machines in casinos are designed in a way that attracts more and more players. The sounds too attract people and keeps them engaged. Many people’s lives have been destroyed due to gambling. It has destroyed homes, relationships, friendships and more.

Few of the symptoms of gambling addiction are:

-          Anxiety

-          Stress & Depression

-          Financial loss

-          Debts

People have a natural attraction for money. And Gambling helps people in winning easy money in less time. Money is one of the major catalysts that make people addicted to gambling. People expect to get rich overnight through gambling and it does not require hard work. Once gambling becomes an addiction, it gets more than just winning. It becomes a game habit, which a person cannot resist.

Therefore, if you or any of your known ones is suffering from gambling addiction, fast treatment is very important. There are many gambling addiction treatment center who offer well-planned treatment programs that help people with such addiction. One of such centres is Hope Care. At Hope Care India one can avail the help from experienced psychiatrists and therapists who offers personalized treatments and therapies. The centres organise various workshops, where the addicts can engage in various activities. This distracts the gambling addiction and the person can hope to get back to their regular self. Thus, like any other addiction, gambling addiction too can be dangerous and can ruin a person’s life. The best is to get rid of it as soon as possible, before it gets too late. For more information: 

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