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Posted by ricky26 on August 25th, 2017

Engineering consultancy services are some of the major preliminary requirements for conceptualization of any construction. Availing consultancy services from technical team of assessment engineer (engenheiro avaliador) can aid you in achieving considerable amount of property appraisal. Here are some of the most common engineering consultancy services:

  • Real Estate Appraisal:-

Engineering consultants determine the market value of leasing or selling houses, land and apartments. They can also assist in home appraisal, apartments rating and land evaluation.

  • Property Inspection:-

Experts conduct a proper investigation of your property which includes house evaluationand investigation of building anomalies. They examine electrical appliances, electro-mechanical, infiltrations, refrigeration and hydraulic anomalies. Classifying occurrences by their criticality levels; they elaborate suitable solutions and recommendations for them. The engineers also prepare reports with issue of ART.

  • Neighborhood Report:-

Analyzing the condition of real estate’s surroundings for future development, professionals can provide you a neighborhood report. These reports clear residents or traders about current criticality stage of anomalies in the construction. They conduct a preliminary analysis of the construction which includes identification of the foundation type, verification of permanent water table lowering, exploratory analysis of area, etc.

  • Business Valuation:-

Experienced individuals conduct a business valuation (avaliação de empresas) by determining the market value of the company through effective methods like discounted cash flow with equity position.

  • Machine Evaluation:-

Engineering consultancies employ different methods including comparative method and discounted cash flow to determine the market value of production assets sale.

You can hire a trusted engineering consultancy for conducting a preliminary analysis and field inspection of your construction and get an accurate evaluation report. 2H Engineering is a top-notch engineering consultancy that offers the finest property inspection services with the assistance of their expert team of engineers. They make difference among other competitors by conducting a multidisciplinary analysis of economic, technical and legal engineering aspects to prepare an elaborated report.

They aim at serving their clients with the finest services at competitive prices. Their portfolio possesses numerous remarkable projects and services that they have completed including properties whose value is greater than R $ 100 million and evaluation of industrial, commercial complexes, real estates, large data mass, etc.

About 2H Engineering:

2H Engineering is a recognized engineering consultancy which offers building inspections,house evaluation (avaliação de casas) real estate appraisals and many more services at competitive prices.

For more information, please visit 2he.com.br.

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