Top Reasons Why Large Format Scanner is a Good Choice for ECM

Posted by armstronglouis1 on August 25th, 2017

ECM (also known as Enterprise Content Management) can be defined as the formal procedure of properly organizing and storing important documents filled with data and information. Previously, this procedure used to be performed by human employees in both governmental and private organizations like banks, courts, construction agencies, educational institutions, and many more. Offices used to have separate archives with a significant storage space for storing and preserving these documents. ECM is also termed as EDM (Enterprise Document Management) sometimes. (Information credit: ByColortrac)

The previous procedure was time consuming and it was prone to human error. Also, these documents tend to get damaged by rodents, worms, and various other environmental factors.

Nowadays, new technology and devices are being invented every day to assist people in different fields. With scanners you can digitize any hard copy in a few seconds and store them in your computer forever. Documents of a certain organization might contain all forms of papers from small receipts to colossal documents consisting of thick and large papers. It can also have important drawings and blueprints. Although regular scanners are capable of doing a decent job in scanning smaller documents, you would require a large/wide format scanner specifically for thick papers, and important designs.

Here, in this article, a few reasons why these scanners should be used in enterprise content management, are discussed –

  1. Ingenious technology: You will find different types of wide format scanners available in the market. But usually most of them have either CCD (Charge Coupled Device) or CIS (Contact Image Sensor) technology. The former is the best choice for scanning large documents that require fine resolution and color matching ability, and the later is an apropos choice for scanning intricate engineering designs and blueprints.
  1. Indexing large documents: These scanners can scan documents with width up to 38 inches and thickness up to 20 mm. Specifically, in construction agencies, you would find important documents and drawings that are made on large papers. Therefore, in order to manage these documents, a wide format scanner is an effective option.
  1. Saving time: In the traditional system, this documentation and storage procedure used to take a significant amount of time. These scanners can scan multiple documents in a very quick time and can store them digitally. Also, the possibility of human error taking place gets almost negated. Furthermore, as the digital documents are impervious to rodents, worms, and other environmental factors, their safety is also ensured unlike in traditional archives.
  1. Easy to use: The ISIS technology used in large format scanners makes them very much user friendly a person would not require much time to understand the procedure and perform it accordingly. Using a scanner of this kind, a single person can handle all necessary procedures of content management such as preparing, quality checking, and indexing.
  1. Reduction of cost: Using a scanner saves a whole lot of money spent on hiring and maintaining employees as well as building and maintaining storage archives. A wide format scanner can contain all documents that can be stored in a large room. Previously, the document management professionals used to charge a substantial sum of money as storage fees. When you use this device, you can get rid of this unnecessary expense as well.
  1. Security issues: Large format scanners use a security system that is fairly difficult to decipher. A physical security system is easier to breach in comparison with this encrypted digital security system. Therefore, documents stored in a scanner are more secure than the physical copies of the document.

These are the main reasons as to why large format scanners will be extremely effective when it comes to managing content and important documents.

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