Veto-Concept Inc. starts decentralized SWISSCOIN blockchain

Posted by Andreas Winkler on August 25th, 2017

On august 1, 2017 the decentralized SWISSCOIN (SIC) blockchain was uploaded and started by Veto-Concept AG, Leipzig; Germany. The german cryptocurrency SWISSCOIN (SIC), generated and owned by Veto-Concept Inc, Leipzig, Germany, is now prepared for public trade. All SWISSCOIN (SIC) transactions are verifiable.
" Having activated our SWISSCOIN (SIC) blockchain, we opened up the next level SWISSCOIN 2.0", said Manfred Mayer, president of Veto-concept Inc.
SWISSCOIN (SIC) has been launched in june 2016 and Veto-concept is looking back to a very sucessful first year. Crowdfunding was done by direct marketing and about 700.000 people worldwide in more 100 nations could be convinced of SWISSCOIN (SIC).
Since launch of first digital currency in 2008 cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more an alternative to fiat currencies. The first cryptocurrency BITCOIN has gained considerable acceptance meanwhile and its value has nearly exploded.
The growing interest in cryptocurrencies has also been noted by the national authorities. So far being the cryptomarkets are unregulated, but because of the activities in this markets the national authorities started debating about installing a legal frame for cryptotrading.
"Facing a development that speeds up and seeing growing challenges in industry and administration we have to prepare our SWISSCOIN (SIC) for the future. Our slogan must be " SWISSCOIN (SIC) 2.0 - Fit for future", endorses Manfred Mayer. He continues: " This includes installation of a new trading platform which should clear the way for expanding trade and by that result in a considerable increase of SWISSCOIN (SIC) value short term. Currently the SWISSCOIN (SIC) value is at 0,31 EUR. To attrack even more the interest of investors we will pursue coinlisting at important crypto exchanges. We have started this acitivities recently. But we know that the cryptomarket is still very volatile which should be taken into account when planning to invest."
In contrast to the national currencies the cryptocurrencies are limited in their quantity. As a consequence of the historical circumstances all Bitcoins are held by a comparatively small group of people. It was the intention of Veto-Concept to open the availability of SWISSCOIN (SIC) to a broad basis.
Meanwhile more than 3.000 different cryptocurrencies are on the market; a reasonable amount only in locked systems. But the cryptomarket has turned out to become more and more interesting as investment alternative. New crypto concepts are a serious investment option to stocks.
It is hard rule that a workable crypto concept is based on the existance and activation of a blockchain. Veto-Concept Inc. is open to provide the SWISSCOIN (SIC) blockchain to companies intending to implement the blockchain technology for internal purposes and is looking for business cooperations. Veto-Concept complies with the technical requirements to realize, adapt and integrate blockchain conceptions.
Veto-Concept is implementing more ambitious blockchain based concepts and will present them in the very near future.

Visionary ldeas and innovative concepts have been and are the fundamental strength and basis of Manfred Mayer and Hosrst Wefer in long term engagement in the Veto Concept AG business. Both entrepreneuts agree in saying that one of the most challenging subjects are to be find in the financial and social business. The erodating stability of etablished currencies and the shift of the distribution channels from the traditional markets to the online business has become a big global challenge. New payment systems and new types of currencies have been results of the new developments. One of the first new currency was the Bitcoin, the first virtual currency. After the skepticism in the beginning now the new business of crypto currency is developping. Awareness and acceptance of the new currencies is growing.

Manfred Mayer and Horst Wefer decided in 2015 after intensive discussions and research with specialists from the finance field as well as marketing and sales specialists to implement a new crypto currency. The idea of SWISSCOIN was born. The very promising and ambicious project was realised in 2015 and 2016 with a big commitment of both entrepreneurs. The first SWISSCOIN units, the so-called genesis-block, was released in june 2016. The reaction of the market was overwhelming: within the first month more than 500.000 user in 40 nations joined the SWISSCOIN project. The business volume of the company climb up to 6 million Euros and with this the value of the SWISSCOIN too. After less than a year on the market the company is going to start with SWISSCOIN 2.0 the next step in business development.

Dr. Friese-Wehr Cornelia
Weisenfelser Str. 48a
04229 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)341 49278300
Fax: +49 (0)341 49278302

Cornelia Dr. Friese-Wehr
Weisenfelser Str. 48a
04229 Leipzig
Phone: +49 (0)341 49278300
Fax: +49 (0)341 49278302

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