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Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Thinking of buying your dream car? Have to pay for your education? Considering home improvements? Desperately need that get-away trip? But life?s daily chores and a minimal bank balance pulls you back? It?s at times like these, when faced with a severe financial crunch, that most of us consider taking loans to help us out of these situations. The loans that first come to mind are the various kinds of secured loans because of their low interest rates and easy availability, which are the most important factors to consider when taking a loan. But what about you students, tenants and other non homeowners who don?t have a lot to offer as collateral? Well, here is what you?ve been looking for. It?s called a ?Tenant Loan.?

Tenant Loans are nothing but unsecured loans that can fund the financial needs of non homeowners. They are ideal solutions for tenants, students, PG?s and other non homeowners who have no security or collateral to offer. Tenant Loans are very similar to Unsecured Personal Loans. Just like any other unsecured loan, Tenant Loans too, come with high interest rates simple because they fail to provide the lender with any security regarding repayment. Because of the absence of collateral, they also have larger monthly instalments and shorter loan terms. Besides, for the obvious reasons, any lender offering Tenant Loans will make certain he keeps a strict vigil on your repayments.

Tenant Loans can be used for any purpose. They can fund your education, pay for your marriage, help in home improvements or pay for your vacation. In case you are facing the problem of paying many monthly instalments for different loans taken by you in the past, you can take a Tenant Loan and use it for Debt Consolidation too. This will save you from the hassles of paying umpteen instalments to umpteen lenders and with Tenant Loans you will end up making only one single monthly payment to a single lender.

Advantages of a Tenant Loans:
? The best thing about a tenant loan is that you don?t have to put any property at risk. Most people who put up their home as collateral face repossession in case of inability to repay the loan.
? Tenant Loans save your precious time in the process of procurement, as you don?t have to go for the valuation of property. As a result you are saved from a lot of paper work.
? Tenant Loans are also available for people with bad credit histories, although the approval process is not a piece of cake.
? Tenant Loans, in short, are a boon for all non homeowners like council tenants, students, etc.

Inspite of the many advantages tenant loans have to offer, Tenant Loans are a little difficult to obtain. This problem arises because of the low security or absence of collateral. For this reason, lenders need to check the repayment ability of borrowers before giving them a Tenant Loan. Your credit history and income proof play a very important role in the approval process. This is the main criterion that helps you in getting your Tenant Loan. However, bad credit cannot stop you from getting a Tenant Loan.

However, before applying for a Tenant Loan, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

Disadvantages of Tenant Loans:
? Tenant Loans come with high interest rates because of the absence of collateral or any security.
? The loan terms of Tenant Loans are very short to facilitate repayment as quickly as possible.
? Tenant Loans grant only small loan amounts for the same reasons.

Since availing Tenant Loans is of least risk, more and more people are opening their eyes to such concepts. There are a number of finance companies who provide such services to get a loan. With the requirement for Tenant Loans ever on the increase, the means for providing them are also catching up. Tenant Loans are also available with an online option. So, if you are a non homeowner and you need loan, it?s the right time to go get a Tenant Loan.

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