Game 2 between the Pacers and NBA Live 18 Coins

Posted by Wen on August 26th, 2017

Game 2 between the Pacers and Heat was NBA Live 18 Coins just as awesome as Game 1. Let us consult the GIFs!The first half started fine, but got kinda ugly. There were a lot of foul calls and some pretty bizarre turnovers. Just ask Roy Hibbert: He outbounded and inbound. The half ended, though, with a hyper-athletic masterpiece of a LeBron James pass to Mike Miller three.

That cut Indiana's lead at the break to six, which felt foreboding. The second half turned into a LeBron vs. Paul George highlight battle for a little while. We saw LeBron doing stuff like this: ...then George retaliating with some savage aerial volcanism of his own: Right on Chris Andersen's head, y'all. That deserves some respec.

Miami took a lead midway through the fourth, going up by as much as four on a Chris Bosh three-pointer. Bosh celebrated in kind: Oh man. Oh man. OH MAN. OH MAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNN: Once the Pacers climbed out of Bosh's Buy NBA 2K18 MT howling maw, they got around to taking the lead back and winning the game. They blanketed LeBron perfectly on consecutive possessions, eventually forcing this turnover to ice the game in their favor: Poor Heat fans. So sad: So dejected: So-- wait, what does this guy know? 1-1. To Indiana we go.

CHICAGO -- You tend to believe Shane Larkin when he says the NBA's current crop of hyper-talented point guards doesn't intimidate him. From the moment Larkin made basketball his full-time focus, he's been peppered with doubts.He's aware he's undersized -- measuring at 5'11.

Larkin is the shortest player at the draft combine who will garner consideration in the first round. He's aware that some teams question his playmaking skills after he averaged under five assists per game as a sophomore at Miami. And he's aware that point guard is the most stacked position in the NBA.

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