Creating Multiple Revenue Streams with Affiliate Programs

Posted by interfuse on August 12th, 2010

Creating a number of different revenue streams is key to finding success online. In fact, it?s pertinent that you do so. If you have been working online as long as I have, you know sources can dry up as quickly as they well up with new funding. It?s important not to keep all of your eggs in one basket and to spread your efforts to a number of different areas, at the same time, not spreading yourself too thin.

Not only does this apply to making money with affiliate programs, this can also apply to running services of your own. If you own and operate a traffic exchange, several good revenue streams could include the sale of traffic, the sale of goods, the sale of services, and the inclusion of your affiliate program. Here, it is easy to speculate that the traffic exchange was making X, and with the inclusion of traffic sales, sales of products and services, and an affiliate system, your income has turned into X * 4.

Moving back to generating multiple revenue streams with affiliate programs. This is generally an easy thing to accomplish with a bit of time and effort. If the affiliate programs you support are multi-tiered programs, promote your referral links wherever other web site owners will see them. If your affiliate programs also benefit from direct sales (which most do), setup an ad rotator to evenly distribute the ads in front of anyone who might be interested.

After you have had a chance to test out your referral links and monitored tracking, you should have a good idea of which programs will pay more then the others. Add more weight to these programs however keep the others running as well unless they are generating zero results.

Some affiliate programs will pay you for affiliate referrals for the life of the company. If the company you are partnering up with seems solid, test them out. Once you have found a money making niche, do what you can to multiply your efforts several times. If the program you are working with has a building commission structure and you (for example) earned $250 your first month and you increase that number by $250 for the next 12 months you will have pushed yourself up to $3,000 a month and should be able to walk away from the project entirely whilst still receiving the pay checks.

Remember, in the above example, the same could apply to generating an additional $500 per month, $1000 per month; it really depends on the amount of luck you have. After you?ve built your wealth, make sure you project continues to pay out well down the road, this can go on for 5, 10, 15 years, there?s no saying but from experience, we have streams that have been paying out for the past 7 years, the checks never miss a beat.

We could go on and on here about the importance of maintaining multiple revenue streams but it?s safe to say however you find success; doing it while earning from a number of different sources is a sure-fire way to insure that there is always money in the bank.

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