Got no self control? Try hypnosis to stop smoking

Posted by Alina Caine on August 28th, 2017

If the estimates are looked at, tobacco related diseases take more than 5 million lives globally, every year. Smoking is not just a slow poison but one that brings along damage even before killing the person. Poor lung health, loss of stamina, dental damage, skin damage and of course, smoker’s breath are just a few examples of the ways in which smoking leads to the said damages. While there are a variety of supportive techniques that are available to help smokers quit, there are several factors that determine how well those techniques would work or if they would work at all. Sometimes, even the willingness to quit is not enough because just like any other addiction, smoking takes away your self control at the very subconscious level, leading you to often believe that you do not want to quit!

The very objective to try a hypnotist for quitting smoking is to alter the way your mind perceives your addiction. Having said that, turning to hypnosis to stop smoking is an effort towards altering the subconscious in the positive way.

The major reason why most attempts at quitting fail is because the mind of the addict stops responding to the “rewards” of not smoking. In other words, the very subconscious refuses the acknowledge the benefits of quitting in the long run. This is the attitude that needs to be altered and that can happen with the help of hypnotherapy when all other efforts seem to be going in vain.

The main focus of hypnosis sessions that are directed at smokers is to help the smoker imagine absolutely non-rewarding, unpleasant scenarios related to their addiction. The very attempts that are made during these sessions are directed towards training the smoker’s mind to associate the very act of smoking with all kinds of negative thoughts and outcomes. A few examples of such negative thoughts include feeling parched after lighting a cigarette or the way smoke acts like a deadly poison once it enters the system. These negative associations are then balanced out with all kinds of positive thoughts associated with the idea of quitting.

Technically, hypnosis is more like a semi conscious state of mind that has the potential to put the person under some sort of a trance. This state makes the mind more passive and open to suggestions. The mind accepts those suggestions more readily than it would in a fully conscious state.

Author’s bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about turning to hypnosis to stop smoking.

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