What are the different types of stock trading orders ?

Posted by epicresearchindore on August 28th, 2017

Indian stock market has become most attractive source of investment and trading because of its outstanding performance in past years. If wisely invested some really good returns can be earned on invested capital here. To perform better in market it is required to have good market knowledge and familiarity with its terminologies. Experts suggestions on mcx tips , trading tips are also referred by traders and investors to ensure their good earnings from the market. Ample opportunities are offered by market to earn well, it is on traders how they make use of them.


To place your buy/sell order a set of instruction has to be given by trader which is popularly know as stock trading order. Following are its some types:


1) Market orders


Market orders are the most simplest form of order types. It simply states that a trade order should be executed at best available price in market. The biggest advantage with this is its speed .As when market is liquid for some stock the market order gets executed at nearest ask price. Depending on lot size this order type may not get executed at the exact price which was expected.


2) Limit orders


A order type which states a specific price to buy/sell is known as limit order. Depending upon market conditions this order may or may not gets executed but if executed then it will be at chosen price or better than it. Using this order type a trader actually specify the maximum amount he is willing to pay to buy or the minimum he is willing to sell at. The advantage here is that you have complete control on price at which which you want order to get executed.


3) Stop loss orders


Stop loss orders are quite similar to market orders as here also trader wants to buy/sell at best possible price with a difference that here that order gets executed only if the market reaches some specific price.

It can be said that this order is combination of both market and limit orders. As here a conditional request is stated to execute order at best possible price once price crosses some predetermined level but withing predetermined limit price.



4) Minimum fill orders


This order type simply states a conditional request to execute order only when minimum number of shares are available not before that. Different trading strategies demand for different order types and as per strategy need a trader decides its order type.


5) Market if touched orders


With market if touched order type is placed below current price in-case of buy order and above current price in case of sell order. For example shares of company XYZ is having current market prices as Rs 100/share then buy order will be placed at a price level which is less than Rs100.



These are few order types however there are some more. Traders can trade using any order type in stock market depending on their trading goals. Financial advisory services provider can be hired if you lack in sufficient market knowledge to give suggestions on trading tips for different segments of market. As such service providers perform good research work to deliver you with such tips.


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