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Personalized Mobile Phone Case Will Popular

Posted by chriscui2016 on August 28th, 2017

With the mobile phone screen is growing bigger, the phone shell is more and more fragile, and the corresponding also the birth of a new industry mobile phone protection case which is used to protect the phone, to extend the life of mobile phone. In recent years, with the iPhone list on and the increase in high-end mobile phones, mobile phone protection shell style and function began to show a diversified. Mobile phone case not only owns the function of protecting, it is also acting as a decoration on the phone as a new landscape.

Although the mobile phone case is only one of mobile phone derivatives, because of the low self-made chassis of manufacturing, high plasticity and market demand, many mobile phone accessories manufacturers take attention to market of phone case. With the mobile phone market continues to expand, the staff of a smart phone is often set with a wide range of mobile phone shells, which from the prostitution become into a necessity.

It is reported that the number of worldwide smartphone users increased from 2.3 billion in 2016 to 2.6 billion in 2017. Among its China's smartphone users are the most, by 2017 end the number of smartphone consumers up to 717 million, becoming the world's largest number of smart phone market. However for a long time the mobile phone manufacturers is with bold growth that lack of management, private custom-made brings new opportunities.

In the smart phone popular age, accompanied by the mobile phone industry and the birth of the mobile phone shell industry has growing fast, followed by the emergence of mobile phone workshop, Mo Shi, unlimited phone brand brands. And like same as smartphone production and sales, what is covered under hot market is the fierce competition among major mobile phone accessories productions, sales business and brands.

On the one hand, the mobile phone shell market is almost zero thresholds, as long as determine what material made to phone case, and then according to the shape of phone to mold, you can get it on market. Facing huge market potential, many competitors flocked to. However, as the lack of standards in the industry, lack of supervision, lack of management, many small manufacturers and cottage enterprises to follow the trend of ignorant by using low prices to fight the market, the product quality on the market is also uneven.

On the other hand, the mobile phone shell product is seriously homogenized and full of black technology, while the majority of market share is melted off by many small manufacturers, so that it is difficult to gather the industry giants. So in the homogenization of serious, lack of regulatory market chaos, the mobile phone cases brand manufacturers only to create differentiated product advantages in order to stand the heel. Today, some of the design of personalized mobile phone shell as the main direction of the new industry, to the mobile phone industry has brought a new breakthrough.

There are many online shop sales of personalized mobile phone cases, they first design and draw some of characteristics phone shell template, and then cooperate with the manufacturers to produce personalized mobile phone case, and finally sold to consumers through the shop. Although the price is higher than the ordinary mobile phone shell, but with unique style and quality assurance it’s sought by many consumers. Tend to personalized mobile phone supporting services began to become next profit advantage of mobile phone manufacturers.

In fact, the mobile phone case customization as a branch of mobile phone accessories industry and next unique market segment, its outbreak and people's consumption concept changes are closely related. In recent years, the development of smart phones is very rapid, mobile phone replacement cycle greatly shortened, coupled with the popularity of high-end mobile phones, making the appearance of the aesthetic requirements of mobile phones higher.

Overall, for the mobile phone case as one of the most popular mobile phone accessories, the main reason is: the use of functional, from a single function into a consumer demand for multi-functional products; in the market prospects, the popularity of smart phones become the fertile ground for its growth; In terms of production and sales, the production of zero threshold, low price, wide consumer groups, carrying popular IP popular, from a simple tool change into a fashion decoration, sales growth is fast and even sold overseas.

Moreover, almost nine out of ten users will put their expensive mobile phone into the phone shell, the this product of case is with large market capacity, only in the US market size is up to $ 2.3 billion, while The overall size of the export business from China's cross-border online sellers is also up to tens of billions. As long as overseas sales channels and service quality gradually improved, overseas markets will promote the sustainable development of mobile phone case industry.

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