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Posted by Maggie on August 29th, 2017

Based on player's feedback, Jagex made a series of adjustments ealier today. Username can be remembered or hiden. Joining the Wilderness Wars to earn runescape 2007 gold and the high prize pool of ,000.Playing on the eSports Stage at Imsomnia61 at 4pm on Saturday 26th we have B0aty, MMORPG, Sick Nerd, Torvesta, and Knightenator. The tournament will be hosted by Mod Archie and Mod Sween and shoutcasted by PureSpam and Skiddler!Saturday 12th August and Sunday 13th August saw the most heavily-contested attempt at competitive gaming in Old School RuneScape so far.

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Remember/Hide Username

If you play just one account, you had better remember your login username between game sessions. While turning off "Hide username" will clear the username field which will increase your account security . You can toggle the remember username option and the hide username option at the same time.

Wilderness Wars

There are five Generals: Boaty, Knightenator, Mmorpg, Sick Nerd, and Torvesta in Wilderness Wars. Each General has been given 49 codes to use to recruit and build their own army. Fighting for the last General standing, you are able to get ,000. While fighting for each confirmed General kill, you will have a chance to get ,500 (4 x ,500 = ,000 plus at total). Two enraged bosses roam the Wilderness each offering an upgrade of either weapons or armour for the team able to kill it.

The blowpipe will now deal 0 damage when used in Barbarian assault. This change is a result of players abusing an issue which required the ammunition slot to simply contain the type of arrow requested. This was not an intended mechanic of the minigame, and so it has been fixed.The green colour within the Quests, Achievement diaries, and Chat channels have been adjusted slightly in order for colourblind players to differentiate better. In this image example the current interface is on the left, and the new interface is on the right.

Checking the approval of the NPCs on Miscellania will no longer cause the NPCs to change the direction they're facing. Previously they'd do so, and then silly things like try to cut thin air rather than trees. It wasn't good for productivityA right-click Fur Clothing option has been added to the Varrock Fancy-dress shop owner to speed up the process of acquiring hunter equipment

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