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Posted by Acciai Aaron on August 29th, 2017

Sometimes young at Primary School Tuition can be very scared of maths and this miht affec their self confidence. So as a tutor you can mae maths fun for them by playing games with them that will involve solving math problems. You can consider using flash cards for math lessons.

How to make math fun while giving Primary School Tuition

Participation: Sometimes young children tend to have low concentration because somehow they do not enjoy the subject, but if you make math lessons into a game then a child will start taking interest . These games will also build their self confidence while they take Primary School Tuition from you.

Interesting lessons: Make the lessons interesting and fun; moreover they should be designed in such a way so that the children learn to think on their own. For example give them a spoon and measuring tape and then ask them to find spoons of the similar size by measuring them.

Interactive computer games: If you have access to computers, make the kids play some interesting computer games that teach them math. This will not only help kids take an interest in math but also develop their skills to use a computer.

Introduce colour and shapes: Young kids love bright colours, so why not cut out interesting shapes like 5 squares which are red or 3 triangles which are yellow. This is a good way to get hem familiar with numbers.

Teach through practical: give them tools to learn with, this way they will get very familiar with centimetres and millimetre.

Some additional tips

In case you are dealing with children who are older then ask them to write down the problems they have in math. Then take up each of those problems one at a time and try to solve them, get the child to participate very actively too. While providing Primary School Tuitionyou have to understand that every schild is not the same so you have to let them move at their pace.

Incorporate MPM math

MPM math is basically a short form for Multi process Model. This is a well designed program to help children sharpen their skills at maths. In fact, this has been tried and tested at various primary schools.

Components of the MPM math

Scope of the program- As of now the program is only limited to students from kinder garden to grade 6.

System of learning: The program is designed as per individual learning ability. This program gets the students to use their own analytical skills.

The goals associated with MPM math

The program has four broad goals as mentioned below:

Make learning fun: The program gets children to enjoy learning maths

Increase confidence levels: Through various lessons the children learn to exercise their own analytical skills which give them extra confidence.

Attitude training: The program trains the mind of every student to the extent that they believe they can learn anything with a little bit of positivity.

Creative thinking: MPM math promotes independent thinking within a child and gets him/her to come up with solutions.

Road to success

If you implement the MPM math properly then your students will benefit quite a lot and also develop a strong foundation in math. Just be sure to have a very patient approach.

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