Why iPhone Cases Are Hot Selling All Over The World?

Posted by Chris on August 30th, 2017

Apple CEO Tim Cook in September 2014 released two new smart phones, but also gave birth to another market worth of tens millions of pounds - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus mobile phone cases and accessories market. Each iPhone case is priced at an average of £ 13.4, just in the UK, a huge market for £ 67 million. In United States, Asia, Australia and China, the number of users of iPhone is countless, so iPhone mobile phone market is very large scale.

Cell Phone Age 3C industry director Chris Cui has said that smart phones, mobile phone parts, mobile phone accessories are the three main forces of mobile phone category, in which mobile phone parts accounted for the largest, accounting for 55%. And mobile phone machine as a new force, the rise is very fast, from 10% of last year to 29% in this year. Mobile phone accessories accounted for from last year's 8% to 16% of this year.

From the British "Guardian" recently learned that: Although the new smart phone gave birth to new business opportunities, but before the official listing of the phone its size data is almost completely confidential, which means that the mobile phone parts manufacturers face a dilemma: Wait until the new mobile phone list on market and then measure their size, and then organize the factory production on parts and accessories as soon as possible; or try to some industrial spy way, before the phone released to get the relevant data.

For the market, time is absolutely important. A mobile phone cases manufacture has successfully predicted that the size of the iPhone 6 is 4.7 inches, but it failed to predict the exact size of the larger 6 Plus. At that time, the mobile phone accessories market is confused, which means that after the sale of iPhone 6 accessories, but also wait 3 or 4 weeks to buy 6 Plus accessories. IPhone cases are a big market. Almost nine percent of the owners will put their expensive mobile phone in the phone shell. US market Analysis Company NPD said the use of mobile phone case accounted for 87%. Last year the British Apple mobile phone users to buy 5 million mobile phone cases, which include wooden button, plastic shell and printed Case Kinston pattern phone case.

In the United States, iPhone users are ever more, so that mobile phone accessories market is broader. In the quarter before Christmas, mobile phone accessories business accounted for 40% to 60% of the total year. Decorated mobile phone cases appear as early as 15 years ago when Nokia models began to sale, but when the phone case becomes a profitable industry is starting from Apple's smartphone. There is a mobile phone cases manufacturing company Cell Phone Age allows customers to upload their favorite design style for producing. "We were one of the first manufacturers to get the size of the iPhone 6 Plus, and our phone cases were pushed on market on the day when Cook released the new iPhone," the company executives said.

The new version of iPhone will be able to multi-angle self-timer or standard rear camera shot, you can complete multi-angle or close-up, but also anti-shake. With the help of a 3D printer, each redesign can be done in a matter of hours, without having to go to the factory to see the model, saving valuable time. However spending $ 70,000 to buy a 3D printer was considered as a crazy action. But now, seeing the company's engineers to completely re-design the camera system, and accurate to below millimeter, and finally admitted that it was smart.

In Shenzhen of China, Foxconn factory is responsible for the production of iPhone. For the parts manufacturer, a new mobile phone model worth up to several thousand pounds. The new phone began production at the end of this summer, although Foxconn company strictly prevent workers to disclose the relevant data, but still inevitably leaked out. A few weeks before Cook will announce a new iPhone, the online circulation of videos about "upcoming iPhones" models, screens and components. Each video is sold to handset manufacturers or accessories manufacturers at thousands of pounds.

When the iPhone 4s was released in October 2011, there were rumors that it would have a 'tears' shape. There is a cell phone Accessories Company on the release day to do a 50,000 mobile phone cases, the result is all wasted. Close to iPhone6 Plus appears there are also the same tragedy occurred. Someone said in the online video iPhone 6 Plus may be bent, because they are too thin. Mobile phone manufacturers quickly created a reinforced mobile phone case. But when the Shenzhen factory busy to strengthen the phone shell, the Apple Company has said among sold 10 million mobile phones, only nine owners complain that the fuselage is too thin. These reinforced mobile phone cases will soon be low-cost treatment, they should look like the iPhone 4s "tears" mobile phone shell as quickly invalid.

Before the iPhone 8 is expected to list in September, Cell Phone Age had exposed a phone case for it on sale. Cell Phone Age has a factory in Shenzhen, so it will get the latest information on the new iPhone as soon as possible in order to produce latest models of iPhone cases for sale in advanced. "I have a friend working at Apple, but I've heard that only 10 people know the complete information on the new phone," said Chris Cui of Cell Phone Age." 

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