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Posted by Annyer on August 30th, 2017

Hey, dear destiny 2 players. Today destinyitem.com will bring the best guide about how to unlock weapons and armour in the destiny 2 PC beta test. Have you tried this game? Here you can get these tips to have a smooth and wonderful game experience. Read on!

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1. What are the Weapons and armour?

Destiny 2 weapons - Each character will come with a set of Kinetic, Energy and Power weapons already unlocked, while further variants will drop as part of completing activities. Thanks to the Destiny sub-Reddit for helping fill the gaps in this list.
Kinetic weapons
Energy weapons
Power weapons

Destiny 2 armour - Each character has their own set of armour already unlocked and exclusive to that class, and another two complete sets which are available by completing Crucible and Strike activities respectively, composed of a Helmet, Gauntlet, Chest and Legs, as well as a class-specific Mark, such as a Hunter Cloak.
Titan armour
Warlock armour
Hunter armour

2. How Weapons and armour work?

Compared to the final game, weapons and armour unlock in a much more simple fashion, which also definitely compared to the original Destiny. If you complete a Crucible or Strike activity, you'll receive one or two drops respectively. Want to rattle through the weapons? You should play the faster-to-complete competitive Crucible matches, which is your best bet. However, since there are exclusive Strike drops, you'll need to play a chunk of that too.

Completing a Strike gives you two loot drops compared to the Crucible's one, including some exclusive armour. Elsewhere, each of the three Exotic weapons are exclusive to the three respective classes you can choose from. That is to say, no weapon drops from Engrams or from vendors - it's simply from completing activities. It's also worth noting that:

All individual weapon and armour types have the exact same stats and Light level, so no need to keep duplicates
Dismantling weapons and armour yields no reward in the beta
There are no Ghosts or Ships to unlock in the beta
It's also worth stressing that no forms of progression - including weapon and armour drops - will carry over into the final game, so collecting additional pieces is simply a nice excuse to keep playing the beta.

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