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Some Of The Netflix Film Delivery Requirements You Must Abide By To Air Your Fil

Posted by deliverables101 on August 30th, 2017

Netflix® offers outstanding streaming service which is of the highest quality and provides excellent viewing experience to the paying customers. When distributing your film to the streaming service they will require the matching source file which has the original aspect ratio and frame rate. In case the distributors are not able to provide that then Netflix will attempt to find alternatives that are acceptable to its standards by working closely with the distributors.  Netflix film delivery requirements demand that the source material you provide is compliant according to the specifications provided by them and here we discuss some of them.

In general the files that you provide must contain advertisements, VITC bars and tones, ratings card, slates, FBI warning card, overlay branding, placards, or website links before, after or during the program.  The entire segment of files that you submit to Netflix must have 1 second of black at the start and end of the program, and the acceptable norm for ProRes files is 1 frame to 1 second of black. In case the files contain commercial blacks then they must be trimmed down to 2 seconds in the final delivery and no Netflix film delivery requirements exception is given in this regard whatsoever. Netflix strictly prefers to accept non-subtitled version of the film or content and the definition of “non-subtitled” means the presence of main titles, narrative text, end credits, callouts of location, supportive and creative text, but burning of dialogues in subtitles, irrespective of the language used in the primary film.

A producer cannot present a film in parts or in multi-part files which would also mean that if a film is of 90 minute period then the entire film must be presented in one file and presenting two files with 45 minutes duration each would not be accepted. Netflix film delivery requirements also demand that the entire film copy must be uncensored and upon a Netflix notice the source material will be delivered to Content Partner Portal of Netflix on a date which was mutually agreed. Netflix has a huge audience in the country and outside world and distributing the film to the channel would hugely benefit your film but the film delivery requirements must be met without any violation laid by the company.


This article is about the Netflix film delivery requirements and how a producer will abide by them in order to get his film streamed by the channel.

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