Different Industrial Applications of CNC Laser Cutting Machines

Posted by ricky26 on August 30th, 2017

The laser cutting machines work on the principle of laser ray technology which is used to cut work piece or a material into desired shape and size as per the industrial process requirement. Automated laser cutters are typically used for a wide range of industrial applications. In design and product development units, a high-power laser beam is directed towards the material that needs to be shaped or modeled. By the effect of the laser beam the material is shaped by crafting a particular design leaving a high-quality surface with cleanly finished edges.

These laser cutters are basically CNC machines. They are equipped with computer aided design software in order to implement certain cut designs on the materials that are to be cut and at the end of this whole process a desired shape is obtained. From sofa industry laser cutting machine to plastic cutting, laser cutters can be used for a wide array of application.

Below is the list of materials on which CNC laser cutting machine can be used-

Plastics –

Plastics can be engraved or cut by laser cutters in many ways. With CNC laser cutters, you can work on different plastics like ABS, polyamide, polycarbonate and more.

Wood –

CNC laser cutter can engrave and cut patterns on the wood also. Wooden jewelry, wood photo frames, furniture, personalized pencils, etc. are some of the works that a lesser cutter can do with wooden surface.

Fabric –

With high-end laser fabric cutting machine, all kinds of fabric can be cut quickly and easily in a variety of size, shape and designs. There are endless possibilities in fabric designing all thanks to advanced CNC laser cutters.

CNC laser cutting provides you with the level of accuracy and preciseness that cannot be achieved by using manual procedures. Such machine is ideal for cutting and engraving hard, soft and semi-rigid materials. Various industries such as advertising, architectural, art, clothing and packaging rely on the products and materials developed by the use of CNC laser cutters. If you think your work can also be enhanced with the use of CNC laser cutters and other engraving machinery, then head straight to Amor CNC Laser Co., Ltd.

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