Difference Between Diamond Rings and Diamond Bands

Posted by Laxmi on August 30th, 2017

Diamonds are the first choice of people, be it in any shape or size. The diamond jewelry has always been quite popular in India. People prefer diamond jewelry over other jewelry pieces like gold, silver, etc. The most common use of diamond jewelry is I the weddings. It has become a trend to purchase diamond jewelry for the bride and groom. Diamond bridal rings in India have now become quite popular as people are getting crazy over using the diamond jewelry for their special days.

There are many forms of ornaments that are made from diamonds. The diamond rings are the most popular and the most used one out of all the available diamond jewelry pieces. Diamond rings are quite often used for gifts, engagements, etc. by the people. Though, the other piece of jewelry that looks similar and is often mistaken with the diamond rings are the diamond bands. Mostly, people are seen confused between the two.

The two piece of jewelry set is different from one another on many factors and reasons. These factors can be used for distinguishing the diamond rings and diamond bands from one another. Let us see what makes the two different from one another despite being considered as similar many times.

Diamond rings and diamond bands:

The site of naturally colored specifies the difference between the jewelry sets very nicely. They cover the exact meaning of the two jewelry set and then clearly distinguish both from one another. The major differences in between the two forms of jewelry are as follow:

  1. Design: The major difference between the two forms of diamond jewelry is the design. The diamond ring has a more fine design than the diamond band. The rings can be of any design and they can be made in a fancy or stylish way whereas the bands are simple in design and not very fancy. The diamonds bands are generally round with bits of diamonds used in it.
  2. Price: The other major difference between the diamond rings and the diamond bands is the price of the two. Since the diamonds rings can be made with any style or design, therefore, they are expensive than the diamond bands that are made with the simple use of diamonds. Diamond bands are less expensive than the diamond rings.
  3. Size of the diamond: The diamond rings are often seen to have a large size of the diamonds whereas the diamond bands are seen to have small sized diamonds. This is because that diamond rings are assumed to be made with special choices of the users whereas the diamond bands are commonly used with normal requirements.
  4. Weight: The two also differ in the weight section. Since a diamond ring can have a large diamond of any shape and size, these diamond rings are heavy in weight. On the other hand, the diamond bands with its simple and sober usage of diamond and design are generally lightweight.

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