Simple ways to become an Ethical Hacker

Posted by Cyber Training 365 on August 30th, 2017

A hacker is the one who takes interest in the computer security mechanism and network system. There are different communities and shared culture of experienced and sharp programmers who conduct experiments with the earlier ARPAnet and the minicomputers. Those who were addicted to this culture are commonly known as ‘hackers’. Hackers basically hack other’s websites illegally. They are quite efficient in breaking computer networking system and also the phone system. Your personal online documents and details are never safe if a talented hacker aims to break your system. To be an efficient hacker you need to follow few rules.

Steps to become an expert hacker:

• Learn to run UNIX-like OS:

UNIX is the operating system on the internet. To be an ethical hacker you must understand what is UNIX. Without learning about UNIX you would fail to understand the methods of hacking. And this is why the professional hacker culture nowadays is firmly UNIX centered. There are many operating systems but among them, LINUX is the most popular among the expert hackers. You can download LINUX from online websites or search for a local LINUX user group who would help you with the installation.

• Know how to write HTML:

For becoming an apt hacker you must know the hacking tools such as programming and if you do not know how to program then you must learn the basics of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and enhance your proficiency gradually. For hacking learning, HTML is essential this is because on the internet whatever we see, the images, files, websites, designs all are coded by HTML. For a better start first, try to open a homepage of your own and start your work from there.

• Learn the language of the programming:

As before writing articles you must know the grammar similarly before breaking the rules you must know the rules properly. Remember that if your ultimate goal becomes a hacker then you need to pay extra special attention to programming and HTML.

• Creativity speaks:

After gaining all the basic skills you need to oil your creative philosophic, artistic and engineering side as a hacker must have all the above skills to make common people full. The world is full of problems which are fascinating, waiting to be solved. Experienced hackers solve those problems with delight and sharpen their skills and intelligence.

Follow the above rules and learn to hack effectively.

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