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Posted by samiya jones on August 30th, 2017

People tend to want to fix something only when it is broken. That shouldn’t be the case. It is always better to prevent something than to fix it. Electrical issues are as such. These can go from point okay to point disaster in a matter of minutes. This is why you need electrical upgrades every few months or year. When dealing with something as complex and dangerous as the matter of electricity, it is best to call professionals who have had training to do so. Stanley Electric is made up of a team of experts who can help you with your electrical upgrade and inspection.

Before you know when the right time to call for help is, you need to be able to know the answer to these questions:

(1) Does my electrical system need upgrading and what can Stanley Electric do about it? The electric panel, at the heart of the electric system as a whole, needs to be able to tell how much power there is to distribute among all the devices or appliances and outlets at your home. The quantity and size of circuit breakers tell how the power is spread out and used among the devices and appliances. There are a few steps to understand if your electrical system needed upgrading. For example: (i) if you wanted to add more devices or appliances to your home, we could upgrade your electric panel, so there is more power to be distributed; (ii) we could replace the existing circuit breaker or maybe a meter so that it could handle more power; (iii) last but not the least, we could simply just remove the broken or damaged circuit breakers.

All this does not change wiring or is the cause for heavy duty electrical work, but rather gives your electric panel the ability to handle and distribute more power across the appliances and outlets present in your house.

(2) Why is it important to update electric panels in houses?

There is nothing greater than safety. The first and foremost reason to update the panel is to prevent accidents from happening. If you have an older home, then this information is very important. Circuit breakers trip or fall when the panel cannot take the level of power being distributed and prevent it from getting overloaded. In many older homes, these circuit breakers do not trip and can because of something dangerous. In order to protect your home from suffering an electrocution or shock or getting overloaded, we would install ground fault circuit interrupters.

Now that you know when is the right time or need for an upgrade you can count on us to do the job for you. Stanley Electric is the best electrical upgrade and inspection company. For more information, you can visit our website and see the array of services we can provide you http://stanleyelectricnj.com/

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