What is the Importance of BIS Hallmark in Gold Diamond Jewelry?

Posted by Laxmi on August 31st, 2017

We all love to buy the gold and diamond jewelry. There are many occasions when people buy the gold diamond jewelry sets. But, many times, people don't get the pure and high-quality jewelry. They are given diamond sets of less quality in the name of genuine jewelry. Thus, it is very important in identifying the real gold diamond jewellery in India. The identification also helps in knowing the authenticity of the diamond purchase along with assuring the customers about the quality of the diamond.

This is not just the only reason that marks the need and importance of having a BIS Hallmark in the gold diamond jewelry. There are many reasons that make the presence of BIS Hallmark a necessity. Let us explore the following other reasons that illustrate the need and importance of the hallmark.

Importance of BIS Hallmark:

Many people will have their own ways of appreciating the hallmark but almost all the very common and popular sites portray the same reasons to highlight the importance of the BIS Hallmark. One of the popular site named as Dianoor considers the following as the reasons that support the importance of having a Hallmark.

  1. Assurance of Quality: The hallmark on the gold diamond jewelry is an assurance about the quality of the jewelry. One easily can rely on the quality of the jewelry as the mention of the hallmark on it signifies realness and pureness in the jewelry.
  2. Reselling: Even when you are reselling the jewelry piece you can be sure that you will get the desired amount of the jewelry as the hallmark will speak for the jewelry piece alone. The hallmark assures the buyer that the jewelry piece they are buying is authentic and is not from any illegal ways.
  3. Awareness against fake jewelry: There are many people who will sell you the fake jewelry set telling you that it is real and you, on the other hand, don't have instant measure from which you can check the originality of the piece. Thus, the hallmark can be used to instantly distinguish the diamond jewelry set from the fake ones.
  4. The purity of the gold: Many times, there are cases when the gold used in making the gold diamond jewelry is not pure. There are many manufacturers of gold that sells the gold by presenting it as 24 carats but in reality, the gold is not that pure. If you are buying gold diamond jewelry with a hallmark it serves as a base that the gold and diamonds used in the jewelry are pure and are of the specified carat as mentioned by the manufacturer.
  5. Protection against frauds: The presence of hallmark on the jewelry serves as a protection for the jewelry buyer against all types of frauds happening around the world. This hallmark serves as a certificate of legal proof that can be used by the buyer in case of any fraud.

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