Dog Chew Sticks to Stop Your Dog from Chewing Everything in Sight

Posted by BingoPetTreats on September 1st, 2017

Dogs love chewing and if you have a pet pooch, you would know that. Every dog varies in terms of how much they chew and the extent of chewing. But most dogs love to gnaw and pet owners need to provide safe and appropriate dog chew sticks for them. Why does a dog chew stick work out real well for your beloved pet? Here are a few reasons how dog chew sticks can make a difference in your pet's health and wellbeing, and not just enjoyment levels. 

#1 It's Natural! 

Dog chew sticks are essential because chewing is a natural instinct for canines. If you provide dog chew sticks that are nutritious, you give a boost to the health of your canine companion. This is even more important for a growing puppy whose teeth are just sprouting. Chewing comes naturally to dogs, and this behaviour needs to be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. 

#2 Oral Health Promotion 

Chewing keeps your dog's oral health in excellent shape as it exercises the muscles of the jaw. Additionally, it scrapes tartar and plaque off the teeth and prevents a teething puppy from undergoing discomfort. Dog chew sticks made of bones can also help break down the tartar in the teeth and freshen up your dog's breath. Considering that tooth maladies and gum diseases are a growing problem for dogs today, pet guardians need to ensure their teeth remain clean and healthy. 

#3 Puts Your Dog in a Good Mood 

Dogs need to exercise their mental strength along with an outlet for their physical stamina. They have great powers of concentration and focus which need a natural channel. Chewing is a wonderful way to keep your dog's body and mind gainfully employed. The act of chewing initiates the utilization of brain power and involves a lot of attention. Whether you have a pup or an ageing doggie, the important part is to provide them with mental stimulation through dog chew sticks. 

#4 Relieves Boredom, Prevents Destructive Behaviour 

Chewing is beneficial for puppies and dogs of any gender, age or breed. It permits them to exercise natural instincts and ensure their mouth remains clean and healthy. Size, age and chewing habits are determinants of the type of dog chew sticks you need to purchase. A miniature dog or a small pup will need lighter, less hard dog chew sticks as opposed to a full-grown adult dog. Chewing is a natural outlet and it relieves monotony for the dog besides helping your pet to cope with separation anxiety. Dogs are territorial creatures and they guard their home as they do their loved ones. Leaving them creates anxiety and they may resort to destructive behaviour. Rather than letting the pet chew everything in sight, provide dog chew sticks to ensure your pooch's energies are better utilized in constructive ways rather than tearing up bedcovers or curtains in sheer spite! 

#5 Satisfy the Urge to Chew 

Satisfying the urge to chew, dog chew sticks tap the innate need for canines to munch on something. Rather than letting your pet attack shoes or the leg of your dining table, dog chew sticks are a better option. Additionally, chewing on a dog chew stick helps teething puppies grow a healthy set of adult teeth. The pressure on teeth and gums from the chewing also relieves discomfort caused by new teeth pushing through the gums. 

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