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Tips on Designing Better, Faster and More Optimized Wordpress Websites

Posted by onpurposeprojects on September 1st, 2017

The words such as ‘better’, ‘faster’ and ‘more optimized’ sound great for a WordPress Website design. Website performance influence rankings, visitor retention, and online branding of any company. It’s a responsibility of the web development company to deliver a high-performance website to the client.

Today, we will share some tips from our vault of knowledge about creating Wordpress Website Design that is better than competitor websites, uploads faster, and optimized for maximum performance.

Tip #1: Be the Guest of a Good Host

All your hard work and efforts will wash away if your hosting server takes ages to process MySQL commands and HTTP requests. Choosing a good hosting server is your initial step toward a faster and better website. Testing your websites of your niche on the server is a good option to start with. It will give you an idea what figures you are looking at for your website speed.

Tip #2: Lightweight Theme

A badly coded design or a theme will add extra weights to your website. An already slight heavy theme plus your design work on it will add a few seconds to its loading time. Even if you have chosen a theme, look for an alternate one that is similar in features and lighter in size.

Tip #3: Plug out the Plugins

More Functionality = More Plugins

This has been the case of slow loading of the web page for many. Keep only adequate functionality on the website and limited plugins to reduce the website size and speed up the loading time. If the plugins are a necessary then search for a lighter version of them.

Tip #4: Team up with the SEO guy

SEO executives work to make the website compatible with Google guidelines. They know what will happen if an element is placed wrongly on the website. They know which elements are necessary for Google and which ones are just fancying the website. By coordinating with a Good SEO guy, you can make a well-optimized website in one go.

Tip #5: Team up with the Marketing Guy

Marketing guys who are hired to convert visitors into leads know the best places for the CTA Call-To-Action buttons. No more no less, they know the right number and where to place them. Consulting with them about the elements that allow the visitors take action can really give pace to your work and you’ll prepare a WordPress website design optimized for lead generation also. Marketing guys will also keep reader-friendliness in mind and allot the content space accordingly.

Tip #6: Choosing Social Media Icons Wisely

The number of likes, shares looks good on the website, but the official sharing buttons from Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin increase the loading time of the webpage because they make calls to fetch data from external servers. These buttons can add up to 500Kbs to one page, which is huge when you are so tight on the web page size.

All these won’t help if you don’t try these WordPress Website design tips practically. Even if you are a non-technical person and looking for a Web Development Company for your website, you can suggest these tips as your requirements for a better, faster, and more optimized website.

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