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Posted by Hamza on September 1st, 2017

 Gambling is one of the most popular vices among people.

 Ever since ‘ownership’ became a mainstream concept, people have had the tendency to go in for gambling.

The lure of easy wins has always been too tempting to resist for a significant proportion of the population.

Despite the fact that gambling is not exactly guaranteed to produce favorable results, it is an activity that attracts plenty of people.

It is understandable as to the reason why this happens. If one is having the chance to win millions by simply throwing a couple of dice or plays a game of poker, as opposed to actually working for it, it is only logical that they will go for it.

At the same time, there are others who play for the fun of it rather than hoping to become a millionaire.

Regardless of the reason that people gamble, the fact is that they do and there are certainly plenty of avenues that allow for it.

Most countries ban gambling as a vice, with penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment. Wherever gambling is permitted in the world, there are plenty of casinos bonus providing an avenue for people to try their luck out.

For much of history, the gambling industry operated out of small stores or casinos. Later on with internet becoming a transforming force in the world, the businesses simply moved online.

In recent years, a completely new revolution is underway; one which is transforming our lives in ways we never thought possible. Since the rise of cheap smartphones, more people than ever started to gain access to the internet. In addition to this, its operating system permitted for the installation of third-party applications or ‘apps’, making it possible for one to treat their phone in the same way as they would treat their desktop computer.

It is here that the concept of mobile casinos came into being. These new casinos have taken the gambling world by storm.

The attraction for new customers and business opportunities was simply too much to resist. As a result, there are today plenty of different options available when it comes to mobile casinos.

Some of the casinos are nothing more than extensions of their online counterparts. Their mobile apps are merely a way to provide a greater level of convenience when navigating through the various choices and options on the main websites.

Other mobile apps tend to be very different from the above. They are not part of any online casino and operate as a standalone feature.

With regard to actually using these mobile apps, there are a few things that need to be checked:

1.) Phone’s Virus Scan Details

Using a mobile casino, especially when you are wagering money is something very dangerous.

Mobile phones have started to become a major target for a lot of new-age hackers, who exploit its weakness and take advantage of it. Many of them have altogether abandoned the traditional targets such as personal computers, favoring mobile platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows.

One of the ways in which hackers steal data is through the use of viruses and other malware. These are designed to steal details such as credit or debit cards, along with other personal information.

It is therefore necessary to ensure that the phones are clean before one gets busy with high-stakes fun.

2.) App Vendor Details

As with fraudulent online businesses, the mobile platform has its share of shady characters too.

There are plenty of app vendors out there who create mobile apps, just for the purpose of stealing personal information.

It is therefore necessary to check details about the app’s vendor before installing their app.

Most legitimate vendors usually have their own website, contact number, email id, fax number, etc. In other words, they have a physical presence in the world and can be contacted ‘on demand’, as opposed to ‘staying in the shadows’.

3.) App Rating

Another great way to know about the app is by taking a look at the ratings.

Most app download sites allow for people to rate the apps that they use.

Taking a look at these ratings will allow one to know whether the app is worth installing or not.

4.) Licenses and Permits

Gambling as an activity is prohibited in many countries.

The penalty for indulging in it ranges from fines to imprisonment. Then there are other countries where it is permitted and regulated by a governing body.

This creates two major issues that must be addressed:

  • The first one involves the person who engages in gambling. Too many people think that the mobile platform is something very different unto itself. Due to this false notion, they think it is alright to gamble on their phones, even if it’s something clearly illegal according to local laws. One must ensure that gambling is legal in the country they are gambling in, before getting started with it.
  • The second one involves checking the legitimacy of the app and the company. In countries where gambling is legal and permitted, regulatory bodies issue licenses and permits for gambling activities. This is something that applies to all gambling avenues, be it offline, online or on the mobile app. One must ensure that this is checked if there are any doubts.

5.) Secure Payment Details

One of the drawbacks of the mobile platform is that it is still an evolving technology.

While great strides have been made in the field of mobile technology, there are still many security issues that have to be addressed.

One such issue is that of secure payments. Since using mobile casinos will require the sharing of confidential financial information such as credit or debit cards, it is important to ensure that the mobile casino has a secure payment channel for any and all financial transactions.

6.) Payout Details

Most online or mobile casinos have a minimum earning requirement, where they process payments only when earnings reach a certain limit.

As with online casinos, it is important to ensure that the mobile casinos have a reasonable limit.

Any casino which has a high limit should be avoided, simply because this is one of the easiest indicators of casino scams.

7.) App Cost

Most mobile casinos tend to be free.

There is simply no reason for the app’s vendors to charge money, since they will make money when the people start gambling.

The mobile casino apps requiring payments first tend to be scams, since it is very unlikely that such software would require payments.

Then again, there is the possibility of the app being legitimate and the vendor being a little too capitalistic.

8.) Terms of Service

Smartphones are a great privacy threat if not used properly.

Almost every single app that is installed on the phone will require you to give some amount of personal information.

It is therefore necessary to read the ‘Terms of Service’ to know how the app’s vendor will use the sensitive information. 

As a whole, mobile casinos are the new Wild West when it comes to gambling.

With the possibility of having a high-stakes game, and perhaps even a chance to get rich, these new casinos have become a major game changer in the world of gambling.

If one navigates through this new frontier carefully and enjoys responsibly, they can look forward to a whole lot of fun, enjoyment and thrill.

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