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Immune communication by Signal Surge Protection Devices

Posted by surgeprotection in Technology on September 1st, 2017

Today security measures are the major concern for our meshed circuits which are highly prone & defenseless to lightning strikes & switching surges. Compromising with the signal communication and data, encourage Lightning and induce surges.  

How harmful a surge can be for?

A surge lasts for even less than a blink of eye. Power units say effort keeping the voltage level stable but the lightning and surges due to that, knocking down of poles and distortion of power signals can make the voltage to jump on hundreds and sometimes even high.

For the purpose, we bring in a relevant solution to feed industrial equipments and other large assemblies either on the manufacturing part or daily-processing. A whole-lot series of Data & Signal surge protection devices is employed to equip transient protection to our devices from incoming surges.

Technically, Transitory spikes in voltage or current can not only interrupt the performance of the product been connected to power lines but can damage it entirely. The known sources of transient energy underline lightning, electrostatic discharge and circuits tolerating current variation due to open switch or short-circuit.

Signal Surge Protection Devices

F-Type Surge Protector (2 Port, 3 Port, 4 Port):

The F-Type surge protector is casted to restrict large quantity of pulsed electrical energy of atmospheric origin & redirecting current waves to earth. The surge protector shields our expensive LEDs, LCDs etc. gadgets which are sensitive to ruinous wave signals responsible for damaging our equipment.

BNC & N Adapter:

Our type N-BNC adapter is a between series coaxial adapter design.  These are especially designed for commercial protection and engaged in closed circuit television applications. The protectors pair-up with BNC connectors, explicated for proper protection and economic rating of devices.


Protection for all the frequent signals is necessary. BNC & N are dual protection adapter that protects our signals and IP network from harmful surges. The adapters are successfully equipped along with the BNC connectors and after that needs to be connected with the earthing installation done.

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