How To Get A YouTube Sponsorship For Your Small Channel

Posted by Ashley John on September 1st, 2017

how to get sponsored on youtube

There is barely anyone who would not like YouTube taking up the role of a benefactor for their small scale channel. Sounds like it is beyond the bounds of possibility, but it is quite an achievable gimmick. This does not mean that setting up a YouTube sponsorship for small channels will be exorbitant rather it certainly won’t be that lavish as you would apprehend. Here we are, with a solution for questions like “How to get sponsored on YouTube”?

Your YouTube channel firstly needs to get attention since your immediate sponsor will look for something tempting and a concrete reason which would lure them to sponsor you. Making your channel appealing towards the crowd will be an important criterion and thus you can increase your number of subscribers which will definitely aid in extracting sponsorship from YouTube at a later stage.

Framing abundant content is critical in captivating audiences towards your channel. You need to rehearse and chalk out concepts for your content and upload as many rational videos you are able to. With more number of videos you will draw the attention of more users who would be interested in subscribing to your channel. Your sponsors will surely take the statistical data such as number of subscribers, views, likes, dislikes and even comments on your video into consideration while they consider sponsoring for your channel. YouTube sponsorship for small channels is very much authentic if your content is unblemished. Your YouTube views will certainly increase if some nitty-gritty tricks are being incorporated. These include the creation of quality content as well as the incorporation of a decent and alluring thumbnail. Sponsors will obviously dig deep into the situation and would like a symbiotic relationship where both are able to profit from each other. A mutually beneficial relationship is what sponsors aim at. Incorporating tremendous skill set into your content would boost your views, likes and subscribers per day which on the other hand won’t go unnoticed by certain benefactors.

Some of the practices used to get sponsors are:-

get sponsored on youtube

  • Affiliate Sponsors: This kind of sponsorship earns minimal revenue and is effortless to achieve. Affiliated codes are being integrated which act like discount coupons for viewers who would stay indebted to your channel. Discounts coupons can vary from 5 to 15 percent. The concession on a commodity chosen by viewers won’t directly set up wages for you; rather you will be rewarded accordingly once the partner or the retailer inspects the revenue amount acquired by them.
  • Product Sponsorships: Commodity benefactors can be coined as a bit gruesome task but going ahead it will guide you in the run if you are contemplating a broader spectrum. For content designers this is a favorable venture from where they can prosper. Some tech YouTubers expanded and developed themselves by uploading tutorial and lesson videos. They initially even had to buy their own products. Later on as their channels flourish they automatically get sponsorships which provide them with complimentary hardware copies to scrutinize their channel. Any product no matter what it is; depending on the content and the quality one can certainly acquire benefactors. Game reviewers relish the way they are sanctioned as a part of the gaming media. Prior to the release of these games over the world market these reviewers earn review copies without having to make a payment for it. The official game reviews which are launched in the form of blogs and articles are penned by these game savvy reviewers.
  • Paid Sponsorships: This is the penultimate scheme to attain a YouTube sponsorship for small channels. This is a strategy and an arrangement from where you can earn sufficient amount of capitals only by orating about products and in the process advertising them. It is absolutely necessary to understand that since this kind of a benefactor may hand you a gigantic amount, the sponsor will make sure you are putting in a lot of effort in consummation this endeavor.


Mentioned below are couple of applications and websites which might be beneficial:-

Famebit is one such website which jaunts YouTube sponsorship for small channels. These websites come into play when your YouTube channel is famed and established. These come really handy to YouTubers who has commenced a miniature project and now wants to be sponsored for it.

Grapevine is another portal which assists in creating a fraternity with other video uploaders on YouTube inspiring participation which in return would help in the evolution of your channel. 

Achieving YouTube sponsorship for small channels is foolproof and unscathed when YouTubers reach out to brands on their own. But to reach this position one needs to have a decent resume and an intact portfolio. Sometimes it is advisable to wait for the right time. With time, an impeccable content and a decent number of subscribers will certainly entice sponsors towards you.

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