Posted by Broadcast2world on September 2nd, 2017

Explainer Videos have made quite a name for themselves in the business world. These short-animated videos have become an amazing technique that help businesses to tell their stories. Being a powerful marketing tool, they have been used extensively by various enterprises for getting their point across to customers. And in all these applications, explainer videos have played their part wonderfully well. But that is not all that these videos are capable of. In fact, you can use explainer videos to solve a variety of issues that your business might be facing right now. Read on to discover the true potential that these videos hold for your enterprise:

Problem#1: Conversions

So, your website is getting quite a lot of traffic, but these visitors don’t convert into paying customers. To resolve this issue, you can get an explainer video created that specifically explains exactly why choosing your business/brand will be beneficial for a customer and why you are better than your counterparts in the market. The communication advantages offered by explainer videos will help you deliver your value proposition in the best way possible, and help improve the conversion rate of your website by a substantial amount.

Helpful Hint: Try and keep the message in your video enticing yet to-the-point.

Problem#2: Testimonials

There is a never-ending list of brands in the market, all of which are offering the same product or service that you are. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself from the flock. A smartly created explainer video that cheekily incorporates positive client testimonials about your brand will help you in standing apart from the crowd. The video will help nurture the leads you have gained and ensure you win their trust, making them loyal customers to your brand.

Helpful Hint: Keep the testimonials natural and not too pushy – you don’t want to seem like an infomercial in the video.

Problem#3: Answers to FAQs

Many businesses face the issue of getting swamped by customers asking simple questions about your product/service. Take a cue from your clients and turn all their FAQs into an easy to understand explainer video. Not only will this improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction levels but it will also save a lot of valuable time of your service department that is otherwise spent dealing with confused product/service users.

Helpful Hint: Place the video on your FAQs page and keep them as sweet and short as possible.

Problem#4: Culture

There are many ways in which you can choose to showcase your business values and philosophy. Showing off your brand culture is one of them. Why not create an engaging explainer video that talks about your story, ethics, and team bonding? It will give your viewers an exclusive peek into how your business is run, help in building trust and connections with them and give your team members something to cheer about as well.

Helpful Hint: A brand culture video should not be designed as a sales pitch – just make it engage and fun with no call to action.

So, you see – explainer videos can do so much for your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of using this ultra-powerful communication tool! Get in touch with a designer today.


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