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Posted by John on September 3rd, 2017

Joining a vehicle is an important part of owning an auto in Spain. Depending on what kind of car you acquire, and where you buy it via, the steps may vary. In this article, CARFAX the European Union explains the process of registering a vehicle vacation, in order to help clarify any customer questions you may have and get you behind the wheel more rapidly.

There are three different situations that are covered in this how-to guide:

Getting a new vehicle in Spain
Buying an employed vehicle in Spain
Importing a vehicle via outside of Spain

Keep reading to learn what you must do, depending on your specific situation.
Getting a New Car

The Spanish car registration course of action for a new car is normally taken care of by the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. The dealership will typically take care of the paperwork for the transfer involving ownership as well. This makes it the easiest condition out of the three. In addition, many traders can also offer insurance contracts, which makes the getting you behind the wheel of your brand-new car fast and easy.

Even if the dealer is usually handling the paperwork, nevertheless, it's rather a good thing to understand some of the particulars in the process. The following is a list of the details that happen to be normally handled when registering a car or truck:

License request form

You can download and take a look at typically the registration form.
Necessary Documents

The below documents are needed to complete the signing up process:

A road worthiness certificate (both the pink and blue sheets)
The “diligence de venta, ” which contains information about the buyer plus the dealer who is selling the vehicle
The official form of identification (e. g. USERNAME card, Spanish driver’s license, passport or residence card)

In order to register Tax
A one-time car registration spain levy must be paid to the municipality during this writing registering a vehicle. This tax uses CO2 emissions, with rates cover anything from 4. 75% (121-159g/km) to 16. 75% (200g/km or more). One time this is paid, you will have to pay a road tax, which is based on the vehicle’s horsepower.

Though, keep in mind that hybrid plus economically-friendly vehicles may be eligible for heavy discounts, for example, 0% for cars or trucks producing less than 120 grams with CO2 per kilometer.

You will need to deliver proof of payment in order to complete the marbella car registration process.

Insurance plan

Owners are required to have a minimum of third party car insurance for all vehicles in Spain. Ahead of you’re allowed to legally drive your car or truck on Spanish roads, you will need to sign up to an insurance plan.

Once the registration process is usually complete, you can put on your license discs and enjoy your new car.

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