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An employment letter is used for professional purposes so it has to be printed on a company's letter head. The letter has to address a specific person. The person's name and contact address have to be mentioned right in the beginning of the letter. The main purpose of writing this should feature in the first paragraph.

Employment letter is an official business correspondence. It is the documentary evidence that you are working at particular organization till date. Many a times an employee needs this for many reasons. If he is seeking a loan, the finance providers may ask for the salary slip as well as employment letter. At times if a person wants to take admission for advanced studies and work experience is mandatory, then the educational institution may ask for the employment letter.

If a person is funding for the friends or relatives to visit USA, the embassy asks to provide the employment letter. Many other documents are required too which you can check on the internet. Any document the embassy needs should be the latest. As far as this letter is concerned, it should be printed on the company letter head that should explain date of correspondence, nature of employment and designation of the respective person.

If a person wants to acquire the citizenship of a particular country where he was not born, he needs to submit many documents and has to undergo legal scrutiny, subject to immigration law of the respective country.
Internet provides a lot of information regarding how to write business letter.
Letter Format
Part I:
Date of Correspondence
Name of Employer
Address of Employer

Part II:
Name of the addressee / To whom it may concern
Part III:
Body of the letter
Employee details: Name, designation, type of appointment, salary etc.
A properly written letter is a proof of your competency in official correspondence.

Employment letter is an important type of Business letter. Acceptance letter, resignation letter, employee reference letter, etc are some examples of these.

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