How Naturopathy can provide natural treatment of depression and anxiety

Posted by Joanne kennedy on September 4th, 2017

With the stressors and demanding environments of our technologically connected world, it can be difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle and find the help you may need for physical and mental health issues. Some of the most common health issues faced by people of all ages include stress, fatigue, fertility issues in females, depression and anxiety. With typical medicinal treatments only focused on treating the symptoms that a patient is experiencing, the cause of a person’s illness can often go undiagnosed, leading to further health issues. Sydney Naturopath, Joanne Kennedy, is a degree qualified Naturopath who helps her patients by identifying the underlying cause of their health issues and helping them with effective natural treatments.

The key focus of Joanne Kennedy’s naturopathy practice is identifying the underlying cause for her patient’s health issues to determine an effective natural treatment program for overcoming health issues and establishing good health for the long term. Joanne Kennedy’s areas of specialty include the MTHFR gene mutation, anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue, gut and digestive health issues, insomnia, histamine intolerance, women’s hormonal issues, histamine intolerance and others.

Natural treatment for anxiety, through naturopathy, can assist with treating the underlying biochemical causes of anxiety through providing a safe, evidence based natural approach that will bring the body back to balance. As detailed, on Joanne Kennedy’s website, her previous patients have had success in overcoming anxiety through using the findings of a thorough review of the patient’s health history and making changes to the patient’s diet to rebalance the chemical deficiencies that cause anxiety.

Fertility issues and the potential for depression to develop as a result, are common health problems in women. Finding a natural treatment for depression, that addresses the biochemical cause of a patient’s depression is a priority for Joanne Kennedy when she works with women suffering from fertility issues and depression. Treatment for patients suffering depression typically includes consultation and full review of the patient’s health history, completing relevant testing, making dietary changes and taking applicable supplements to restore biochemical balance to the body.

Identifying and treating the underlying cause of health issues such as anxiety and depression are fundamental to Naturopathic philosophy. Treatment includes undertaking a full review of the patient’s health history, relevant testing and treatments such as dietary changes and natural supplements to establish strong foundations for long term health beyond the patient’s recovery. Visit Joanne Kennedy’s website to learn more about naturopathy and book an appointment online.

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