E-mail Marketing Methodology

Posted by tiedinmedia on September 4th, 2017

Your ROI is Increased by our E-mail Marketing Methodology

All too often, e-mail marketers blast messages generating an irritated subscriber base and minimizing effects. However, by treating it as an engaging dialogue between yourself and your recipients, you can use email to attain your goals and increase your ROI. Below is our methodology to make certain that you are getting optimum results from your email marketing effort.

  1. Audience Research: You will have the ability to cater towards their culture, attitudes and expectations to comprehend the demographics of your email recipients.
  2. Analyze Goals & Objectives: Whether you want to provide an informational resource or market an item, a personal focus ought to be determined to grab your recipients’ interest and direct them towards your desired action on a cost per acquisition basis.
  3. Design: We design and structure your emails to cater towards your audience and your goals. Through a strong call to action and supporting images, we hold its place in a position to optimize your click through rates.
  4. Targeting: No one wants to get an email that is not related to him or her. Through utilization of previous user actions and analytics, we now have the opportunity to simply send messages to the appropriate recipients.
  5. Custom Landing Pages: The purpose of an email would be to activate clicks and drive traffic toward your site. Once there, our goal is to satisfy subscribers’ expectations and complete your conversion with the usage of a landing page that is synchronized with your email.
  6. A/B Testing and Result Measurement: The majority of our email campaigns incorporate measuring and A/B testing to optimize your click through and open rates.

Online Marketing

TiedIn Media will help make a more obvious increase in online conversions and guests who will not just stay longer but revisit more often — using Google, social media, e-mail, cellular, banner advertisements or the latest Net 2.0 system.

TiedIn Media will improve your net traffic through search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, in-sport advertising, banner ads, cellular and several others.

• TiedIn Media uses social media advertising. We help you to reach your audience via several methods. We also integrate social networking characteristics into your site to enhance its overall effectiveness.

• Through online reputation management, TiedIn Media will rekindle your company’s online presence.

• Get more with your site visitors using our conversion optimization services.

We Turn Small Traffic In to More Sales

Your site is more than likely getting new visitors every day. Are a majority of your users becoming leads? Conversion optimization may be the process by which TiedIn Media helps you raise the percentage of visitors that will become clients.

TiedIn Media starts the procedure by taking a glance at the types of website traffic specific to each of your pages. You should ensure that every page is receiving traffic from the appropriate source. Each particular type of product or service must have it’s own individual landing page. With this method users will be able to immediately find exactly what they are searching for and are then more prone to take action.

With each landing page, we make certain the message is clear and corresponds to the type of searches that would lead users to locate the page. We also add copy to supplement any assertions.

TiedIn Media reduces the number of calls to action to a small quantity and makes certain they match the intention of the user.

TiedIn Media gets rid of any unnecessary requests for information from users by streamlining the procedure either to make a purchase or request your services.

TiedIn Media subtracts the amount of visual distractions on the page to focus attention on precisely what will encourage them to be your next customer.

TiedInMedia  adds various elements to your landing pages to find a way to instill trust with consumers.

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