How to trade in a highly volatile market

Posted by Ayesha Jaiswal on September 4th, 2017

Volatile markets generally characterized by high price fluctuations. During market volatility, many investors get shocked and begin to raise the question on their current investment strategies. The main thing to consider is that market volatility is unpredictable. It is basically the nature of the markets to fluctuate in the short period of time. It is extremely difficult to manage sudden changes in the market, an investor can take suggestions from market expert to deal with this situations. Also, one can refer trading tips like stock tips, commodity tips to save their gain.


One way to deal with volatility is to avoid or to manage it properly that means staying in the same position and not paying too much attention to the short-term ups and downs.


Tips for trading stocks in a volatile market -


1. Use Limit Order -

A market order can be useful for trading high liquid assets during market hours because it let you buy or sell a stock at the best possible price. Using limit orders are more advisable at the time of volatile markets because they allow you to set the maximum price which you are actually willing to pay at the time of buying a stock.


2. Trade the trend

It is usually better to follow the latest trends of the market than to fight it. Many long-term traders look for trends in weekly or monthly charts and the shorter-term traders may use daily charts. Many investors adopt latest trends of the market to build strong strategies during market volatility. Now most of them also include binary options into their portfolio and for best result they refer best binary option trading tips to get a positive return.


3. Use proper risk management techniques

A trader must use top risk management techniques in order to protect unrealized profits and limit your losses during high volatile market hours by using a stop loss. At the time of placing an order first, you have to pre- decide how many points or what percentage below the stock price to place the order. Most of the traders have their standard policy based on their personal risk tolerance. Using a proper risk management approach lead an investor toward high profit earning and also develop his investment portfolio.


4. Stay disciplined

Emotions do not have any place in trading. You should control your emotions during market fluctuation. Decisions regarding which stocks to purchase should be strictly based on fundamental analysis or any other research that determines the financial condition of the companies. When markets get volatile, it is important to know what stocks to own or what to avoid. Once you have a target list of stocks first you have to complete study about those stocks then you should take any purchase decision.

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