Are Diamonds Really Poisonous?

Posted by Laxmi on September 4th, 2017

Diamonds are one of the most loved stones in the world. There would be hardly anyone on the planet that is not in love with this beautiful stone. This sparkling beauty is used for many purposes like making ornaments, industrial and commercial uses. Not only this, there are many forms of diamond jewelry available in the market which make them again a widely loved stone. Every now and then, the market comes up with a new and unique idea of crafting this precious stone. The introduction of the platinum diamond rings in India is the latest trend introduced in the market.

Despite the numerous benefits of the diamonds, there are many myths and misconceptions associated with diamonds. People still believe in many superstitions related to diamonds. One of the most common myths that many people still believe is that diamonds are poisonous. There were many stories built up in the past years that claim to the reality of this fact. But later, all the reasons and stories that were built in favor of these statements were proven wrong. Many significant types of research were done and the truth was found. Let us explore the truth with this myth of diamond.

Are diamonds poisonous?

There are many sites that claim that diamonds are not poisonous. But it is the Yahoo answers that provide a complete detail analysis on the topic. The site claims that the diamonds are not poisonous. It supports the fact that diamonds are the hardest metals available. The hardness of the diamonds is measured as 10 on the Moh's scale and which makes diamonds as the strongest metal present.

There were many incidents where diamonds were used for causing death to someone but nobody actually knew the reason that caused those deaths. Due to the lack of knowledge and guidance, people believed what was told to them and what they saw. They just saw that people died because they consumed diamond and thus assumed that diamonds are poisonous as they could not think of any other reason.

It was years later when science and technology made advancement, that the truth was found. The technical advancements helped in analyzing the matter and to come out with the truth of diamond causing deaths. Many scientists and researchers invested a lot of time before coming to a conclusion.

The years of hard work of the scientists and researchers paid off when they actually found the truth and called the poisonous property of the diamond as a myth. They discovered that it was not the poison in the diamond that is causing death but it is the hardness and sharpness of the diamond that is responsible for causing deaths. They further explained that when the diamond is consumed it damages the internal functioning of the diamond and thus causes death. The diamonds when swallowed cuts the internal walls of the intestine which causes intensive internal bleeding leading to death. Thus, it was declared that diamonds are not poisonous.

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