4 Tips to Help You Own an Eco Friendly House with Better Longevity

Posted by JamesSpencer on September 4th, 2017

Given the daily updates that we receive and read about the effort that global citizens are putting in to ensure that the planet becomes a better place to live in, it becomes a duty on our part to contribute. As they say, ‘charity begins at home’, why not start it with making our house an eco-friendly one. When we buy a house or intend to build one, we keep in mind its longevity and then make plans. It is a one-time investment in an asset that is known to last for long.

An eco-friendly home is nothing but an effort to reduce the carbon footprint that we as humans have been doing for years altogether. A house is made up of material such as bricks, stones, cement and other while being fitted with domestic appliances that are known to make out lives easier. When it comes to building a house that doesn’t pollute the environment or deplete the resources that nature has in store, there is the need to know numerous things. Here are a few things that could help you own or probably transform your house into an environment-friendly one.

Ensure that your house is rated well

When talking about star ratings for a home, it means the level of energy efficiency that the house portrays. Any energy efficient home builder in Melbourne would agree that old wiring or probably harmful appliances could consume a lot of electricity without you knowing about it. It not just makes you pay heaps every month but also takes away natural resources that are used to create electricity in the first place. You could consider inviting experts who excel in testing and tagging or probably the inspectors who would help you with rating the house and making necessary changes to make it energy efficient.

Sealed doors and window frames

Most of the indoor air whether cool, or warm escapes due to the gaps between the door and window frames of the house. This results in energy loss and thus making the HVAC systems work with double the effort and putting an adverse effect on the longevity as well as the electricity bills. Asking the designated professionals to help you with sealing the frames of your existing house with sealants and special tapes is likely to prevent energy escape. If it is a new home that you intend to build, ensure that there aren’t any gaps.

Opt for light coloured roofing and outdoor solutions

A dark coloured roof and driveway is likely to retain the sun’s heat while allowing the house to get warmer than usual. While that happens, the cooling appliances in the house will have to put an extra effort to ensure that the house stays cool. The eco home builder in Melbourne suggests that opting for light coloured roofing and driveway solutions, the heat doesn’t get trapped while keeping the house cool and comfortable.

Opt for ducted HVAC system

When such an appliance is installed in the house, you get to save up on purchasing individual HVAC systems for every room. While this is installed and is ducted to all rooms, each corner receives an equal amount of energy while saving up on a lot of expenses and also the electricity bill that you receive.

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