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Posted by Gameservices on September 5th, 2017

With as accepted as our "All 10 Tours" are getting, we've noticed actually a few bodies accepting lost/left abaft in the (somewhat) controlled-chaos. We've put calm a few of the added accepted questions and some tips to accomplish things easier on yourself and the bout runners. Amuse accumulate these in apperception if you accomplish use of this account in the future, it will accomplish the bout added agreeable for everyone.

¤¤¤ What *IS* an "All 10 Tour/Tour Bus"? ¤¤¤

An efficient, mostly apprehensible way to get all 10 penguins + arctic bear. The bout leaders bulk out breadth the penguin is, acquaint you what you charge to accompany and escort you to anniversary penguin (ensuring you get all 10 if you accumulate up). This is aswell advantageous for hunters that do not ambition to/can't accumulate up with the FC flow, as you do not even accept to be in FC to adore the benefits!

¤¤¤ VVhat's the aberration amid a "Tour" and a "Taxi"? ¤¤¤

A bout is a guided escort to one or added penguins/locations. A auto is a teleportation account we action for specific locations (Lunar is a acceptable example!) For a auto you consistently crave "Accept Aid" to be set to on, a lot of times the tours will crave this too.

¤¤¤ How do I about-face on "Accept Aid"??? ¤¤¤

Click the bend in the ancillary panel; bang the aboriginal aid backpack so it has a red background. Accept aid is now ON. You will accept tele-other/tele-group appeal screens for the purpose of tours/taxis as able-bodied as assertive added spells, like cure adulteration spells on assertive Elfland tours. Bethink to about-face off afterwards bout if you do not ambition to accept these at added times.

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