The Process flow of refractory castable

Posted by annesheldon on September 5th, 2017

In the production of high-grade refractory castables, it is necessary to use premixed powder. Otherwise, a small amount of admixture, ultrafine powder and fiber and other externally, difficult to mix, resulting in its function is not stable, affecting the construction and use. After the preparation of various refractory raw materials, respectively, into the silo stand. The silo is divided into fixed and mobile two. Uncertain silos are overhead, all kinds of china refractory materials through the promotion machine was promoted to the bottom of the bunker machine, and then sent to the respective silo. There are electronic scales and furnishings under the silo, according to the production of refractory castable tacit than to carry out ingredients. Then, will be equipped with a good investment in the mandatory mixing machine mixing, mixing time is about 5min.

Mixed with a good refractory castable mixing material, from the mixing device into the sub-packaging into the sub-packaging equipment, the bottom of the facility with electronic scales, after weighing after bagging or packing, and finally sealed with a sealed bag or Cloth paper sealing mouth. And then shipped to the cargo hold, according to the name and grade were placed. The production line is three-dimensional homework, plant Xuan open, more facilities, a higher degree of automation, material quality is more stable; mobile silo placed in the plant floor, the material with a feeder and belt conveyor to the top of the silo, And sub-installed into the silo, can also be used crane loading.

The bottom of the silo is equipped with a scale or electronic scale ingredient, with a good material, with a belt machine or trolley into the hopper hopper, and then carry out the mixing, the remaining process with the former. The production line level of homework, covering more facilities, less active, but also to ensure the quality of materials. Refractory castable finished products, heavy materials, the quality of each bag is generally 30 ~ 50kg, light material per bag was 20 ~ 30kg, the error of ± 0.2kg. In the production of refractory castables, reference to steel or fluid binder, can be dispensed or shipped directly to the user, but must specify the guarantee period and the amount of clay and low iron and steel series of refractory castables, the steel is also divided Installed.

If the steel out of date, easy to swap. Such as during the 3-month retention period, should also be mixed. In the refractory castable ingredients before, should be subject to refractory materials, steel and other materials and other materials, to carry out chemical analysis and physical function of the inspection; broken after the fire-resistant aggregate and fine grinding of refractory powder, should carry out chemical Analysis, screening and precision inspection. Refractory castables produced by the tacit ratio, whenever the raw materials and production processes and other conditions have changed, the need to meet the technical requirements of the experiment before they can be produced; new varieties of refractory castable production, the tacit ratio should also be re-test; When the refractory castable is produced, it should be inspected for its grain gradation. If it does not meet the technical requirements, it should be controlled in time. The finished product of each batch of refractory castable shall be measured according to the technical requirements and the performance measures shall be carried out according to the warranty and construction skill requirements , Made to the user.

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Refractory Castable

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