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Posted by Can Desk on September 5th, 2017

Countless studies have now shown that people spend more than half of their time sitting, during commuting, office-work or at home. This is quite a worrying and alarming statistic as longer hours of sitting are considered dangerous. Prolonged sitting can harm your body posture, ruin your muscular strength and cause orthopaedic health issues and chronic pains. However, with standing desks Canada offered by CanDesk, you can minimize these risks and do your work in a comfortable position.

CanDesk’s standing desks can be of great help for you because working at standing desks will tone your muscles, improve your posture, improve blood flow and burn extra calories which you might not otherwise burn while sitting. In fact, if you stand for just 3 hours a day, you can burn thirty thousand additional calories in a year which is the equivalent of running 10 marathons or getting rid of 8 pounds of fat per annum. A lot of pressure is exerted on your lower back in comparison with standing. You can naturally reduce the lower back pain problems eventually, just by standing. CanDesk can help you to achieve every bit of it.

With the incredibly easy to use and adjustable desks from CanDesk, you can improve your concentration, focus, increase your productivity, increase energy and reduce back pains, body aches and headache and increase your lifespan with this product.

CanDesk is an electronic desk which can be automatically adjusted with just a click of button. The control panel on the CanDesk allows you to adjust the height of the table from 60 cm up to 125 cm. This control panel can save up to 4 of your favourite table heights and readjust to them automatically. These heights are comfortable for you to stand or sit and do your important or leisurely work upon. Setting it is a child’s play, you can very easily assemble this product after it’s delivered to your homes; you don’t need an expert to help you with it, but one can be scheduled to help you take care of that as well.

You can additionally get accessories like anti-fatigue mats, monitor mounts, tablet stand, cable managers or various bundles of it along with your standing desk Canada. They also provide inexpensive installation with the help of professional installers.

Through their online store, they provide amazing discounts, easy returns and help you live a better life with less pain.

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