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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

Are aging photos fading your favorite memories?

Restoration: Let aging photos not fade your favorite memories. It could be your favorite old photo that got damaged, aged or simply the acid content in the paper, a photo that got stuck to the frame, exposure to elements- fading, a playful kid (or grown up), physical damage when you moved homes or those darn silverfish which just feed on your family treasures. We can restore the image to its original glory or improve on it. The result is archival quality and memories that can be preserved for years to come. All we need is a good quality scan - 300 dpi is a good start.

Colorization: Convert a B & W, sepia tone or a color tone print to a modern day color photo. We'll work closely with you to ensure that your near and dear ones and even that tree or car in the background got the right color. We stay loyal to the original image and get the details from you. We do not want your grand dad in a green shirt if that is the color he hates. Or your old maroon Ford now painted yellow. Of course, the choice is yours; why not surprise your near dear ones with new photo gift ideas this holiday season?

Reconstruction: When a part of the image is damaged beyond repair or, worse, just missing we can try and reconstruct that part back in the frame. Given a reference image or adequate additional information, we can help reconstruct some of the intricate portions of an image. Restore precious memories to pristine glory. Get set, this holiday season thrill your family with personalized photo gifts from restored and improved old family photos.

Retouching: If you are a busy business executive and could not make it to your daughter's grad picture or, you just do not seem to have a good picture of your grad mom and her best friend from school: get some creative tricks. How about that one classmate in that group picture you would like to black out? How about your own image with a retro twist? The tattoo, the braces, the stain, the eye that drooped - we'll work that in to perfection. Add more, a border of choice, a caption, a stunning background, or the image made into a greeting card. What can be a better surprise vacation, graduation or holiday season gift than photo makeover with creative tricks?

Makeover: If you are an avid (or not so avid) photographer and would like for your images to be printed at top quality, try a round of digital image retouching and enjoy the difference.

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