Active Mind Is Essential To Suppress Depression

Posted by JulioLicinio on September 6th, 2017

This article sheds light on how Psychiatrist Julio Licinio concluded that an active mind is essential to stay mentally healthy and avoid conditions like depression.

Deputy Director at SAHMRI or South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), Julio Licinio is a psychiatrist of world-acclaim. He is renowned for his meticulous research work on the subject of depression.

Depression is a kind of a mental state in which a person stays mentally stressed and thus, tensed. According to statistics released after various research studies, it has been concluded that over 20 Million Americans stay in a state of some type of depression. Usually the age bracket of people affected by depression is between 18 and above. Depression just not affects the mental stability of a person but, also impacts the entire human health of a person suffering from depression.

A large number of medical experts particularly related to the field of human psychology have conducted enormous research studies on mental stress on people from all walks of life. Their inputs have been instrumental for the treatment of people suffering from mental illness, with depression being one of them. The exact reason as to what pushes a person towards a disturbed mental state is impossible to illustrate, with their being no particular reasons as to why such kind of stressful conditions arise. Mood swings, and mood controllers are said to be the prime reasons that give birth to depression.

In a research conducted around 15 years ago, Prof. Julio came across 3 individuals who were suffering from leptin deficiency leading to them being obese. In an attempt to cure these obese people he injected leptin injections in their body for a period of 10 months and that also on a daily basis. After those 10 months he found that those individuals had lost nearly half of their weight. With this he realized that leptin manages every second beat of various endocrine axes.

His extraordinary research has proved very helpful to medical experts dealing with the cases of mental depression, treating them after understanding them completely. He has written various books on the topic of mental health. One of them includes, “Pharmacogenomics: The Search for Individualized Therapies”, amongst a host of others.

Julio Licinio concludes that an active mind is extremely essential to have a sound mind-set and thereby, a healthy body.

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