How Telephone Systems affect your business?

Posted by purdycommunications on September 7th, 2017

A multi-line telephone system is usually used in the business environment. It includes all sorts of category systems from the small key telephone system to the large scale private branch exchanges. The installation of several telephones with multiple central office lines can differ in a business telephone system. The central office lines are directly used to control key telephone systems from telephone stations. Such phone systems may provide additional features for call handling.

The business telephone system which is used widely in today's time can be easily classified into three categories, here are they:

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

A private branch exchange is different from a key telephone system. A PBX does not require an operator or attendant to establish connections between the central office and stations or between stations. Technically private branch exchanges lines with the central office telephone system in a more complex way. A key telephone system needs a user to control the connections directly using the line buttons which indicate the status of lines with built-in lamps. 

  • Key Telephone Systems

Key telephone systems can be defined by an arrangement of singular line selection buttons available for each telephone line. This system was known as wiring plans and had telephone sets, keys, lamps, and wiring. Installation of key telephone systems have decreased these days as hybrid systems and private branch exchanges are easily available at the same cost which functions much better than these.

  • Hybrid Key Telephone Systems

The difference between the key system and PBX system networking has distinguished a lot. The electronic key system used handsets with display and allowed access to all public switched telephone network. Hybrid key system telephone generally has call appearance buttons and directly connects to individual lines and stations. They can also support direct dialing to extensions or outside lines without selecting a line appearance. The modern sets used these days are fully digital, though some analog variations still persist. A PBX and hybrid systems can be distinguished by the amount scope and complexity of features and facilities offered.

With the onset of Internet, the PBX and hybrid key telephone systems can be enabled with data network cabling. The features of conference calling, call forwarding program, caller ID is some very useful features of the business telephone system. Network cabling adds to other features too.

Competition in the telephone business including cabling network companies compels them to now join hands. Internet and phone services together are a boon to businesses these days. The business phone system adds to your professionalism and gives a greater impact to your customers. Connecting and networking within the office has become all the easier. The competition between the different companies gives you cheaper deals and makes it inexpensive so now why not grab a hand on such a useful technology for the up gradation of your business.

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