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Shamanic Plant Healing: The healing gifts of the plant spirits

Posted by selfhealherbal on September 7th, 2017

All plants have chemical constituents and therapeutic qualities, but more than that they are spirit and essence that we can communicate with, connecting with their unique gifts that support our evolution.

Which plants are calling out to you, growing up around you? Open your senses to the plants, flowers, colours that you are particularly drawn to, that you notice and come in to your awareness. These plants have an affinity with you and you with them, this is the budding of communications and relationship with the spirit of the plant.

There are many ways we can invite connection and relationship with the plant spirits and deepen our experience of their unique offerings and gifts. Attuning to the the plant spirits and deva’s calls for us to introduce ourselves and our intention, to offer exchange as an expression of gratitude for the gifts we receive, such as tobacco. Opening our senses and communicating with the essence of the plant through felt sense, we step in to the dream of the plant and begin to know it in its own world.

The plant spirits are so willing to be-friend us and share their gifts, when we open ourselves to connection with them, it is like an endless fountain of love and joy showering upon us. We can acknowledge our plant allies through prayer, ceremony, song, offerings, sitting in meditation with them, drawing them, spending time with them, receiving their wisdom and integrating it in our lives, acknowledging and honouring our relationship with them. Through training we can also practice shamanic journeying; a spirit flight to travel to the lower world, the realm of spirit to have direct experiences with the plant spirits; shamanic plant healing

We can work with the plant spirits through making essences, ritual & ceremony, preparing your own plant medicines, tea ceremony, smoking and smudging. There are many ways we can connect with the plant spirits in a prayerful way and invite their healing in to our lives. All healing plants must be treated with respect and reverence, permission asked before use, exchange given and gratitude expressed. It is essential to be in our integrity and invite right relationship with the plant spirits.

The plants spirits gift us with harmonising our energy systems; the chakras, meridians and the elements. Different plant spirits will have a special affinity with certain aspects of our subtle bodies, such as dandelion has an affinity with the wood element, the liver and gallbladder meridians and our solar plexus chakra. As our intuitive connection with nature is fine tuned we will be consciously drawn to plants that can gift us the healing we require. By revitalising and rebalancing our subtle energies, plant spirits gift us with healing, rejuvenation and vitality……and much, much more!!!

Workshops: Shamanic Plant healing:

  • Discover the magic and mystery of the divine natural world

  • Deepen our connection and communion with the plant spirits

  • Practice the art of shamanic journeying

  • Make our own essences guided through your intuitive connection with the plant spirits

  • Sacred plant spirit ceremony

Shamanic Plant healing treatments available to gift you with the healing of the plant spirits

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