European electric fused magnesia prices rose by more than 50%

Posted by annesheldon on September 7th, 2017

The price of fused magnesia in Europe has exceeded 00 per ton this week. As China's product prices continue to rise and supplies are scarce, international demand for related products is also increasing.

At the same time, the European magnesia market as much as possible to prevent the rapid rise in prices, until the second quarter of this year, China's fused magnesia basically stopped, so that the European fused magnesia prices doubled now.

According to the British industrial minerals magazine this week the latest quotation shows Europe fused magnesia international trading price range, FOB Europe price was 1000-1200 dollars per ton. Before the chain FOB Europe's price range of 0-750 per ton, the price rose 58%.

In fact, in June of this year, the international price of European magnesia has been from the beginning of the 0-650 per ton, rose to 0-750 per tonne. This is mainly due to insufficient supply of spot fused magnesia. A European manufacturer said, our basic fused magnesia has been sold out in the other months. One vendor said, we are only small quantities of goods provided. Third producers said, we are unable to provide the goods beyond the contract at present. Nevertheless, the buyer was willing to buy at the price.

Production in Europe has been produced and settled on the basis of the annual requirements of the customer, which greatly reduces the surplus in the stock market, but the situation in China has made market supply worse.

China and interrupt the production due to environmental inspection, in the past few months, cut or stop production enterprises continue to increase productivity, and slow recovery. In addition because the explosive restrictions lead to refractory raw materials to mining, is also facing the shortage, it also makes some factories unable to normal production.

With the development of time, the market becomes very obvious, customers find it difficult to find the right products from China, they will search other countries.

As early as July this year, a number of European suppliers indicated that the order was full, but the inquiry continued, and many suppliers were fully operational, but they were still unable to meet the shortfall in China.

The accumulation of materials are not only fused magnesia, and heavy fire and light burned magnesia, but is mainly native to Europe. It also makes the customer in Europe in the first half of this year than the price of the China stable lot. Different grades of calcined tight supply, but the light burned magnesia was better at present. The shortage is fused magnesia supply.

Prices of other European magnesia have remained essentially unchanged:

Light burned magnesia, agricultural, CIF European port, 240-300 euros per ton; Fused magnesia, Electrotechnical grade, ex factory price US 00-2450 per ton; Magnesite raw material, silica content of not more than 3.5%, FOB, Eastern Mediterranean, 65-80 euros per ton;

Prices in North America are basically stable:

Fused magnesia, electrical grade, ex factory price US 00-2500 per ton.
Fused magnesia, refractory grade, FOB us, 0-1400 per ton.

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