North Carolina Constitutional Economist Calls For A National Civil Dissolution:

Posted by Donald Hood on September 7th, 2017

1888 Press Release - Solving America’s Intractable Problem of Socialism By Partitioning America Into Free and Slave States.

Calabash, N. C. - Citing irreconcilable differences in fundamental American philosophical values, Laurie Thomas Vass argues in her new book, A Civil Dissolution, that allowing the socialists to form their own state in California is the only non-violent solution.

“On every single principle of a natural rights republic, the socialists have an alien, subversive view of America,” Vass states. “The only peaceful, non-violent solution is civil dissolution.”

She argues that natural rights conservatives should encourage the Democrats to form their own new socialist state, and then encourage socialists in other states to move to California.

“When the Democrats shifted from a party that represented the common working class citizens to a globalist socialist party,” she explained, “the basis of Madison’s system of checks and balances was disrupted. Democrats are exploiting the flaws in Madison’s constitutional arrangement to subvert and undermine the constitutional rule of law.”

“At the same moment in history that the Democrats shifted to socialism, the Republicans shifted to a more overt corporate globalist party that did not protect American sovereignty from the dominant Democrat political value system,” she stated.

She noted that since 2008, callers to the Rush Limbaugh radio program have been asking him why the Republicans did not defend American rights from the socialist transformation. Limbaugh has made the argument that Republicans were scared to confront Obama’s socialist transformation, for fear of being called a racist.

“Rush has been wrong about the Republicans,” Vass noted. “The Republicans were not afraid to be called racists because the Democrats always call them racists. The Republicans are collaborators with the socialists. As long as the Republicans can obtain global trading benefits in a one-world, global government, they support the Democrat global socialist agenda.”

“The Republicans can more accurately be described as Vichy Republicans than RINOs,” she stated, “because they collaborate with the Democrat socialists who despise America.”

Vass explained that natural rights conservatives continually make a mistake of treating the socialists with the same type of civility and respect that they grant to each other. “Socialists do not have a moral allegiance to the constitutional rule of law and they have no concept of God-given natural rights because they have no concept of God,” she explained.

She explains that Democrats are incapable of civility and civil reciprocity in their dealings with conservatives. “My book makes the case that a better method of dealing with socialists is to treat them exactly as they treat conservatives.”

“Socialists are not worthy of respect or civility,” Vass stated, “they are only worthy of contempt and ridicule for trying to subvert the constitutional rule of law and the natural rights of citizens. It is useless to engage them in dialogue because they simply regurgitate their socialist talking points.”

The bed rock religious belief of socialists is that America was created as an evil empire, and that the socialist elites know better what is good for citizens, than the citizens themselves. Socialists substitute this part of their ideology for the consent of the governed by rational citizens in a natural rights republic.

“The rhetoric and imagery of slavery,” she noted, “will continue to be used by Democrats, because it is such a useful propaganda tool for making black Americans hate America. In a sinister, and evil political strategy, the Democrats know that if black voters continue to vote 95% Democrat, that the Democrats will have a solid 35% of the total vote in any election.”

Her book concludes with 12 rules for dealing with socialists in the interim period of time that they are creating their own socialist utopia in California.

About the book: A Civil Dissolution: Solving America’s Intractable Problem of Socialism By Partitioning America Into Free and Slave States, 2017. Printed edition available at .99. Kindle ebook edition available at .99.

About the author: Laurie Thomas Vass is a regional economist and a registered investment advisor representative of Investment Management & Insurance Advisors, Inc., a North Carolina registered investment advisory firm. Vass is the author of eight books on the topic of constitutional economics, and has published 90 scholarly articles on the Social Science Research Network author platform.

She is is currently ranked in the top 1.3%, on article downloads, out of 350,000 economic authors, worldwide, on the SSRN platform. Vass is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Regional Planning.

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