Why to Choose ProfitAim Research as Best Stock Advisory Firm?

Posted by Nandini Mishra on September 7th, 2017

Advisories have the power to make recommendations and many novice traders easily got trapped in the sweet talks of unauthenticated persons. Under more than 1.2 billion population of India less than 2% of population used to invest in stock market. In this Stock market under the name of Investment advisory services thousands of companies trap traders to invest according to their recommendations.

As per SEBI guidelines, only registered SEBI Registered Investment Advisor are entitled to provide any such advisory services and all other service providers are unauthorized. As of today, there are less than 1100 registered SEBI Investment Adviser in India.

How to Find the Authenticity of Advisory firms?

Traders should check the authenticity of the firm, instead of checking reviews, in order to find best investment advisory.

Secondly, you have to understand the complete details about their past performance. You should not just check how much profits has been generated in the past, instead you should

  1.       Check how does they recommend during bullish market and bearish market?
  2.       Are their service charges satisfying their service quality?
  3.       Are they providing real time support when you have position in the market?
  4.       What is their risk reward ratio in their tracksheet?

After you evaluate the firm all these parameters then you are in the position to decide whether the firm can provide you bestshare market tips or not.

Premium features Of ProfitAim Research

The Answer to simple Question: Why to choose ProfitAim Research as stock advisory –

  •   At ProfitAim we focus on the stocks which have a High Win Rate and Low Losing Rate.
  •   Our Ultimate Aim is to satisfy our clients with Maximum profits from their intraday positions.
  •   We provide an appropriate platform where you get best intraday Trading tips and the results of which are updated daily on the site.

The authenticity of the Investment advisory firms lies in the legal authorization. ProfitAim is SEBI Registered Investment Advisory and you may verify us on the website of SEBI with the registration number (INA000004757). Along with SEBI registration, we also match the guidelines of ISO standards; hence we are also ISO certified firm.

We are a world class company having huge client's based in India as well as proven expertise on equity and commodity market. Our Expertise in share market is always working towards harnessing good profits with support of Share market tips for our clients.

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