Many Hair Loss Candidates Consider Hair Transplant over Time

Posted by Riya sharma on September 7th, 2017

Growing of hair is a normal process. Hair grows because of the important substance present on the outer layer of skin which is commonly known as keratin. This protein call keratin helps in destroying of old hairs and growing of new hairs on the head scalp. When this normal process is disturbed it may cause hair loss and other hair related issues. In such cases when hair loss is extreme often people go for hair transplantation solutions. It is always advisable to consult advance clinic like Marmm Klinik to get best Hair Transplant In Indore at an early stages of hair loss so that further hair loss can be stopped and relevant hair results can be acquired at initial stages itself.


Hair problems are common these days. It may range from patients at an early age of 25 to an elderly age. Losing of hair at an age after 65 – 70 is normal and not often a major concern but losing hair at an early age can often affect the personality and image of an individual. There are several reasons why the normal hair growth process is interrupted out of which some are:


  1. Alopecia is a common disease among hair loss patients.

  2. It may be due to certain diseases or adverse effect of certain medicines taken to cure these diseases.

  3. It may be due to deficiency of several essential nutrition like vitamin, mineral and protein.

  4. It may due to heredity or genetic disorder.

  5. It may occur due to hormonal imbalances


Hair transplantation is a common procedure that is often suggested by dermatologist to several hair issues such as bald patches over the head scalp, alopecia, extreme hair fall, uncontrolled dandruff, hair loss due to surgeries etc.


Hair transplantation is an advance procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and after proper preparation are inserted to the recipient area to achieve natural hair growth.” Here the donor area is the hair bearing area and the recipient area is the bald area on the head scalp.


There are certain types of hair transplantation technique as suggested by hair doctors for effective solutions to several hair loss issues. Various hair transplantation solutions are available some of which are:


  1. FUT – Follicular unit transplantation is a traditional yet the most hair transplantation solution in which hair bearing skin from the head scalp is extracted, the hair follicles are then prepared and carefully placed to the bald area to achieve hair growth.

  2. FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction is later technique that was evolved to carry out procedure in which hair follicles one after the other are carefully extracted and after proper preparation placed to the bald area for hair growth.


Hair transplantation is thus an advance procedure the need of which is felt by patients who are facing hair loss issues. Once a patient wish to go for advance Hair Transplant In Indore he/she may trust Marmm Klinik for effective results.

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