Common Signs You Need Boiler Repair

Posted by johnpreston on September 7th, 2017

A bad boiler can lead to hot water problems and typically also means heating system repair. The idea is to spot the problem before the boiler fails completely and have a repair technician fix the problem. Leaving boiler issues unattended can result in needing a boiler replacement or more expensive repair down the line. Fortunately, there are a few common signs that might alert you it's time to have your boiler inspected and repaired by an expert.

No Pilot Light

A pilot light that doesn’t work is one of the obvious signs that you need boiler repair. This issue is often caused by a buildup of deposits in the pilot light area or a bad thermocouple. Either way, simply replacing the pilot light may not necessarily resolve the problem if you are handy with tools. An expert plumber London can have a look at the boiler, make the appropriate diagnosis and make the necessary repairs. Ensure that the plumber is also a Gas Safe registered engineer and ask to see documentation.  You don’t want to continue running your boiler with a broken pilot light as this could lead to further problems down the line.

Strange Noises from the Boiler

Any strange noises coming from your boiler may be a sign of a serious problem. Rumbling noises are particularly common which may be caused by a broken expansion tank or an overheating system. Strange noises coupled with strange odors are particular cause for alarm as this may indicate a gas leak. Report any strange odors to get directions on what to do before the plumber arrives.

Boiler not heating

If you are not getting hot water or your heating system isn’t working, common boiler repairs should get it back to working order. This problem is typically caused by an air lock or broken component. It is necessary for a Gas Safe boiler engineer to check all the parts to make sure they work correctly and make the necessary replacements or repairs. You may be pleased to find out that the repair is simple and cost-effective.

Water Leaks

Another common sign of a bad boiler is water pooling around the boiler. This issue is often caused by external material damage; inner component has burned out or from ordinary corrosion. Older boilers are particularly prone to water leaking so this is a good time to consult with the plumber on whether it is time for a replacement.

The right plumber can get your boiler up and running in a short time and at a good price. Avoid DIY repairs especially if you are not a certified plumber. There is always a risk of injury or worse when working with electricity even for professionals. Most of all, ensure that your plumber is Gas Safe registered before he begins any work on your boiler.


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