All You Need to Know About AGA Servicing

Posted by johnpreston on September 7th, 2017

Buying and installing your AGA cooker is only one step of the process. You already know that you need regular scheduled maintenance to ensure that the equipment works efficiently and at full capacity for the long-term. Additionally, Rayburn service reduces the number of repairs you might need over the course of owning the appliance. Scheduling for a service for the first time can be intimidating. A little crucial information can help smooth out the process and ensure you are comfortable.

Choosing a Servicing Company

You may want to be cautious about working with independent contractors. Although many of them are capable, there are many issues surrounding accountability, quality and warranty when working with an independent. A company has the necessary structure to deal with any issues that might arise during or after the maintenance.
It is also important that you choose an AGA partner with certified AGA and Gas Safe registered technicians and engineers. These professionals know how to perform the proper maintenance and always use original parts. Anyone who is not AGA certified has no business touching your appliance which includes doing DIY repairs and servicing.

How Often to Get Aga Service

A full fledge AGA servicing is recommended once annually. An oil appliance requires servicing once every six months. It is recommended that you switch the appliance off the night before the engeneer arrives.

The process of getting a technician on site is simple. Simply call the service company and schedule a visit from a technician at a time when it is most convenient for you. Choose a time when you are home whenever possible so you can answer any questions the technician might have. This is also a good time to ask any questions or raise any additional issues you might have with your appliance.

You should get a quote before the technician arrives just so that you know how much the service costs before hand.

What AGA Maintenance Entails

There are a few common tasks that the Aga technician will likely perform. These include;

•   Renewing the wick
•   Decarbonizing and cleaning the burners
•   Checking the burner levels
•   Checking the cooperation controls
•   Checking for clear and clean combustion

The engineer arrives with a full checklist with you are free to inspect if you need more information.

This is a good time to bring up any boiler repair London or other repair you need around the house. These service technicians are well versed in heating and cooling equipment so you can get all your issues addressed at once. Just be sure to check that the technician is Gas Safe registered engineer for all of these tasks.

Final Word

It is crucial that you choose an Aga certified service to avoid any problems with quality or substandard parts. These certified technicians are also experienced with Aga equipment and are able to spot potential issues that are easy to miss. In addition, ask to see Gas Safe registered credentials before work begins. The servicing is clean, quick and affordable to guarantee that your appliance works at full efficiency for years to come.

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